January 11, 2019

In another study found that visitors to the restaurant, which lightly touches the waiter, is not only left him more tips, but also gave the best assessment itself an institution. Compliment always compliment by the way, made a subtle and sincere, creates an open and relaxed atmosphere for socializing. You can easily make a compliment to your client, endorsing his choice or noting the qualities that you like it. If it is difficult to say directly compliment, share what you feel, talking to him: 'Communicating with you fills me with energy. According to technology investor, who has experience with these questions. How do you manage to be so positive man? '. Remember that the compliments, as well as money, not much happens.

But that's not all parts of the negotiations on the price of a voltage, which can be easily overcome as follows. Letting the customer value, not waiting for him reaction, intriguingly, say: 'But that's not all' – and offer as a gift to an additional product or service. It employs the principle of reciprocity: the client feels gratitude for the proposed gift, and he was difficult withdraw from the purchase. This technique works well in cafes and restaurants where the customer before he became acquainted with the menu, a complimentary appetizer from the institution. Even if prices on the menu may seem high to the visitor, he psychologically it will be difficult to leave without making a reservation. Motivation to continue Making a purchase, the customer demonstrates the trust and is usually easy to agree on an additional purchase. Ask the buyer's interest if it purchase of related goods or services. Classics of the genre: to offer a pair of shoes purchased cleaning cream to the coffee machine – packing a good coffee.

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