Water Purification

May 18, 2022

Distance from oil-producing areas of places of consumption makes it necessary to use a huge network of pipelines, transport vehicles and overflow terminal. Accident on tankers, drilling platforms and pipelines are accompanied by spillage of crude oil and processed products. Continue to learn more with: altavista. For spill response use mainly mechanical and sorption methods. […]

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Processes Occurring

December 20, 2018

The state of any substance is characterized by interrelation of atoms and molecules. Are 3 main states: liquid, solid and gaseous. The distance between the molecules in each case will be different. The distance between the molecules in liquid and solid states are too small, this explains the low compressibility of these substances and their […]

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Popular Storage Equipment

June 15, 2015

Warehousing equipment imported into Russia in recent years become one of the most popular types of equipment. Manufacturing, retail and warehousing in the purchase of warehouse equipment, Naturally, in the first turn their attention to foreign manufacturers, brands and trade marks which have already established themselves on the world market as a sign of quality. […]

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