Popular Storage Equipment

June 15, 2015

Warehousing equipment imported into Russia in recent years become one of the most popular types of equipment. Manufacturing, retail and warehousing in the purchase of warehouse equipment, Naturally, in the first turn their attention to foreign manufacturers, brands and trade marks which have already established themselves on the world market as a sign of quality. With one of these manufacturers warehouse equipment such as pallet trucks, we got to know in this article. German firm Pfaff silberblau, which has a century history of the development and successful business, appeared on the Russian market for about 10 years ago as a manufacturer and supplier in the first place handling equipment: hoists, cranes, hoists, jacks, hoists. The volume and quality of the proposed Pfaff silberblau warehouse equipment: stackers, pallet trucks, seized This Russian market segment is very fast, as vldaeltsy warehouses and trading enterprises to appreciate not only the highest grade German warehouse equipment, but its priorities in the ratio of price and quality " in front of other name-brand European manufacturers.

Sami executives Pfaff silberblau rate their stay in the Russian market as very promising. Technology Pfaff silberblau will always remain very popular, thanks to quality control, advanced automation schemes of work, development of new technologies aimed at developing new mechanisms and technology needs of which cause a massive consolidation of production and savings time and manpower. Undoubtedly, an important role in the popularity of products the German company for the Russian consumer will play and relatively low price of the equipment. Among the most bought models of hydraulic trucks German concern Pfaff-silberblau can distinguish two models: the cart and cart Ecoline Motion. These types of trucks favorably with proven resistance mechanisms and connections, ergonomic designs. Steering wheels in the data models made of aluminum, but to order the firm is ready to supply carts with rollers and wheels made of polyamide or polyurethane, which are generally not only improves the sliding properties of warehouse equipment, but also allow to extend Appl.

For example, the wheels of polyamide recommended for use in hostile environments: a high content of salts or other chemicals, high humidity, high temperature air. Work with such warehouse carts much easier than with the standard. In turn, pallet trucks with polyurethane wheels provide ultra-quiet, smooth ride, making them indispensable in supermarkets and shops. In addition, the wear resistance of polyurethane allows the life of the truck on concrete, asphalt or metal coatings. And speaking of covers, it should be noted that company also supplies and trucks with special double rollers tandem, to work on uneven floors for soft overcoming interference during motion. A separate line should mention the emergency maneuver carts This company, which achieved a unique design technology. The fact that the angle of the steering wheel pallet trucks is 210 degrees, which allows you to make such a turn on a small truck patch area of less than five feet, and can work in tight spaces. Quality warehouse trucks, their reliability and longevity of use is determined not only design solutions and materials, but primarily Of course, the pivotal component – hydro trolleys. Hydraulics of all these models trucks is fully protected from negative externalities. For even more details, read what Douglas R. Oberhelman says on the issue. Extend the life of trucks mounted high cuff pressure and polyurethane seals. Protection against the strain of lifting fork is handling valve, which prevents lifting loads heavier than the installed nameplate data technology.

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