Easy Software

October 28, 2022

Make PosBill to the key of your success! The new PosBill POS system was developed specifically for ice-cream parlours. So, you can keep a cool head on sunny and hot days. The mobile checkout is about the touch display easily with your fingers or a stylus very easy to use. The sophisticated POS software is […]

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New Amok Alarm System At Lamia Electronics

July 17, 2019

A new amok-alarm-system solution for schools, universities and public buildings of Vorstetter electronics shipper Lieske Electronics has recorded in the program. A new alarm and warning against rampages for use in public buildings, schools and universities, the Vorstetter online distribution channel Lieske Electronics has expands its portfolio. The amok alarm system of manufacturer’s Telecom Behnke […]

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Ideal PLC Programming Tool

June 20, 2017

Setpoint controller for the universal use in the development and testing of industrial control programs of similar to test, demonstrate and simulate a control, either in the field or on the bench, is the clearest and most reliable when any signal is analog or digital, individually will be given. KMO turbo has brought a novel […]

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MP3 Player As A Christmas Present

June 1, 2017

Music lovers MP3 players are very popular already for a long time. Finally, they accompany the music-loving population by all walks of life. Whether in sports, on the way to work or train – has long been the small musical wonder from the life of many Germans is impossible to imagine. Who haven’t heard the […]

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Minimalist HiFi Technology

February 23, 2017

Genuinely launches exclusive distribution for THoRESS and presents new private label Cottbus, the 11 April 2013 equal to several firsts which celebrates audio genuine sales on the year’s HIGH END, one of the most important international fairs for high-quality consumer electronics. The new company from Cottbus in Munich, imagines the public for the first time. […]

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Worlds First Hearing Made

February 20, 2017

GN ReSound announces the world’s first hearing aid ‘ made for iPhone at GN ReSound announces today the launch of ReSound at LiNX, a pioneering premium hearing system. With him the manufacturer raises the surround sound by ReSound on a hitherto unprecedented, and he is also expanding his pioneering role in the hearing instrument connectivity. […]

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European Football Championship

May 16, 2016

THRUSTMASTER T-WIRELESS CONTROLLER appears as PLATINUM EDITION and IN the ‘co-op’ DUO PACK Rothenberg, May 9, 2012 – not only the participants of the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games prepare for the hottest duels of the summer: ThrustMaster updated its successful wireless gamepad T-Wireless with the new Platinum Edition. Multiplayer fans can rejoice […]

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Intelligent X-ray Position Detection World

May 2, 2016

The German circuit boards manufacturer MicroCirtec GmbH produces from now its multilayer with a fully automatic X-ray registration system which produces German circuit boards manufacturer MicroCirtec GmbH from now its multilayer with a fully automatic X-ray registration system that is unique in the world in this form. An approach to the multilayer registration was together […]

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Price Labellers In The Online World!

March 25, 2016

All digital? Online shops, ‘real’ products are sold, must be awarded with prizes? Price labellers for small online shops? Operate a shop more and more becomes a desirable ancillary activity for professionals. Because those kind of companies in most cases from your own PC be carried and operated all planned investments of scrutiny should be […]

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