Ceresana Research

January 21, 2024

Ceresana delivers world’s first complete market analysis to high-performance plastics for years technical plastics achieve higher growth rates than standard plastics. Due to its physical and chemical properties, already numerous industrial, electrical and electronic components as well as everyday objects consist of technical plastics. This trend will further strengthen in the face of rising demand […]

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The Oskar

June 26, 2020

Even if it is with the old company to end it must be not final. As drip solution with reboot (plan bankruptcy) the participation of employees can be a meaningful form of financing, provided the profitability and sustainability of the company can be restored with great probability. Only then did It really make sense. Hence […]

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April 4, 2020

TETRApads read out truck vehicle data for mobile control system, a measure of the French environmental program LOGIC INSTRUMENT, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers that supports Thales communications & security in the implementation of the eco-tax project, a part of France’s ambitious environmental programme Grenelle de l environement. LOGIC INSTRUMENT […]


Experience Reporting Planning

June 6, 2016

Assessment of the benefits of torrefizierte pellets. The successful operation of a wood pelleting plant in economic terms is primarily dependent on the procurement market of the feedstock and the secured markets. In Germany, the demand is satisfied after wood pellets of domestically produced products and imports. The interplay of supply and demand in the […]

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Aspects Of The Balanced Scorecard Case Studies

November 16, 2014

In our time, it is hard to find a large enterprise that has no strategy. But even in the presence of strategy, the success of the business is not always guaranteed. In our time, it is hard to find a large enterprise that has no strategy.But even in the presence of strategy, the success of […]

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Intelligence Inc Software

May 8, 2014

Listed companies can again persuade publicly traded company listed in the first nine months, up to 31 per cent growth in sales and a 30 percent increase of in income revenue climbs on the record of 151.9 million US dollars – compared it were Germany Chief Richard Woods $ 115.7 million in the first nine […]

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