Raffle Prizes For Editors

October 30, 2014

100 FLASH BOX comfort blink systems worth about 10,000 euros Birmingham/Simmersfeld, 13.06.2008. With prices totalling almost 10,000 in the Hawk company Europe supported far-reaching magazines, journals and newspapers in the conduct of competitions: FLASH BOX are now for editors 10 x 10 comfort blink systems ready for retrieval which communication road for cars and truck driver is easier and safer. In addition to a comfort blink function (1 x tapping, up to 10 x flashing) the FLASH BOX offers six self-explanatory flashes to the flirting, thank or excuse. Interested editors can apply now at for the implementation of a competition. Like the team of Hawk company delivers creative game ideas right: so as readers, listeners, and viewers can be called, to design your own flashes that are then taken into account in the further development of the system for the FLASH BOX. On the FLASH BOX FlashBox is a worldwide patented radio Flash module This brings more safety, comfort and fun in each vehicle. The small hardware box can be connected easily to the flasher relay of each vehicle and already thank, apologize and even flirting by remote control via unique indicator signals is possible. “” “For truck drivers, there is the internationally renowned thank you” signal (direction indicator, left, right, left, once warning flasher), but also Flash episodes for many thanks “, warning” good ride “worried,” annoyed”.

“” The car version contains beside the thank you”sign flashing signals for apology” upset, disappointed, falls in love with “and stop for more?”. ” About Hawk company Europe Ltd. The Hawk company Europe was founded in 2004 by Matthias Frey as “Limited” headquartered in Birmingham/Grossbritannien. After two years of development, the first FLASH BOX was ready for production in October 2006. Since then, the wireless flash system in two versions for cars and trucks is distributed. The FLASH BOX is available in the online-shop of specialist shipping Westfalia under at the unit price of 89.99 euros. Press contact: Hawk company Europe Ltd. Branch Office Germany Matthias Frey planks road 16 72226 Simmersfeld call: + 49 (0) 74 53 910 35 40 fax: + 49 (0) 74 53 910 35 41 E-Mail: web:

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