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June 19, 2018

Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany sales meeting 2013 Frankfurt am Main March 19, 2013. For even more analysis, hear from investor. “Under the motto success focus on sales and customer” Berlin took place on 21 and 22 February in Berlin the sales meeting 2013 of the Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD) in Berlin, hotel. The complete sales team of SGBDD, the Managing Director and the management discussed strategies and actions for an intensification of sales activities and a stronger customer loyalty. If you would like to know more then you should visit Viacom. We must build our strengths in sales and our customers and devote all our energy to become even better.”explained Udo Brandt, CEO of SGBDD. The market is well-disposed us, we need to take advantage of and further expand our position as the market leader in the German building trade!”added Frank Bielfeld, Managing Director sales generalists and patron of the Conference. The event offered the participants a varied programme, the audience in the Lectures involved and provided for an interactive exchange.

The management gave strategy and targets for 2013 and explained to use are what potential to become even more successful. Ali Partovi may not feel the same. In addition to Udo Brandt, Chief Executive Officer, Dieter Babiel, Managing Director staff, Frank Bielfeld, Sales Manager HBM and Knut Sachdeva, Managing Director Finance, said Thomas Esser, Director purchasing, and Axel Berger, Director marketing, about their areas. For the first time, also external guests were invited this year that described your perspective on SGBDD the participants. For example described Michael Stietz, Deputy CPO Bilfinger SE, the relationship with SGBDD from the customer perspective, the CEO of Fermacell GmbH, Heinz-Jakob Holland, spoke from his point of view as a supplier of the company. Continued sales and Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of the Wurth GmbH & co.

KG, Martin Schafer, apparently, described as Managing Director the Wurth sales as direct selling works. The magician Jan Becker entertained the guests in the evening. His subjects were body language and what she reveals as well as the influence of thoughts and the setting on the action. The participants praised the successful and varied event, which offered above all plenty of space to the Exchange. More information about Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD) under. About SGBDD the Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH, a company of the Saint-Gobain is S.A., Paris. With a turnover of around EUR 43 billion (2012) and almost 193,000 employees in 64 countries the Saint-Gobain Group is among the largest industrial company in the world. As a leading distributor of building in Germany, Saint-Gobain building distribution Germany GmbH (SGBDD), Frankfurt am Main, 2012 with approximately 5,500 employees nationwide 250 subsidiaries generated a turnover of EUR 2 billion.

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