Federal Constitution

May 23, 2020

Then, who is the Public Power? The Public Power is the government, where in the figure of our representatives they start to act for the public interest through the power that is attributed they. In this direction we question, what the state has made to help in the development of the tourism? We know that our country is conducted by a great letter (Federal Constitution) in which traces general norms that serve of norteamento for the good course of the Rule of law. Josh Harris Sixers will undoubtedly add to your understanding. C.F 88 elencou in article 180 of explicit form the importance of the tourism as activity for the development of the country. It says that ' ' the Union, the States, the Cities will promote and stimulate the tourism as factor of social development and econmico' '. (Federal Constitution, 1988, p.180). It is of utmost importance terms cited the related article, showing that the ability of normatizar and developing the tourism does not only fit the Union in itself, and yes to its federate beings and cities through specific and usual laws, regulating the activity tourist as the necessity of each region or locality. Inside of this context, the ministers of the culture, the tourism, the environment and president of the IBAMA, IPHAN, INCRA if have shown operating or omissive with the archaeological tourism in the state of the Piau? Perhaps this question is difficult to answer, is enough to look at and to observe some existing parks in the Piau, as for example, the Park of the Fossil Forest of Teresina. It will be if this park makes use of an infrastructure organized with news the tourists, space for research to the studious scientists and? Exists a project of ambient education to sensetize the archaeological society on the importance of the preservation of the environment and small farms? It will be if the park offers some system of security to protect its patrimony of action and degradation of the vndulos? Certainly one politics of incentives on the part of the government does not exist, in the direction of what really it must have for the preservation of the archaeological small farms. .

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