April 23, 2012

"I do not know. No one has caused me enough incentive to have it. That's it. There is no mystery a "Tati said with a gesture between annoyance and confusion. "And you want to know if I can provocartelo?. That's what you doing here? – Seba said putting on her face again the air of anger the first time, you want me to be your test dummy? -. "Do not take it that way," said Tati gently and trying to defuse the situation, realizing that it was very abruptly how to approach the situation a "did not want to offend.

Much less take you as a test dummy. Please do not be angry with me. I do not like seeing the face you're showing me. "And that face you want to show you with what you're saying? – Seba said without changing the expression a " want to start jumping and joy you want to tell you come and try me if you excite or not. Want to clap for joy?. Tell me? How you expect me to react? -.

"I do not know. I think I've been very foolish to express things the way I did a "Tati said with a pout on his lips a " I should be more discreet. Forgive me. "I forgive you access to the true answer to a question I want to make long-Seba said seriously. "I will answer any questions you want me however that is personal or private and I promise to tell the truth," said Tati with the same seriousness.

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