Bob Dylan

November 29, 2012

That yes, Juan has emphasized that so far does not value to publish other groups, although they do not discard it either. More than thirty Amaral cities they have predicted a presentation tour that will happen through more than thirty cities of all the Spanish geography from its starting the 6 of October in Saragossa. The intention in this occasion is to touch the twelve songs of the new disc and, later, a collection of its more emblematic songs, thus to be able to offer one " he photographs than Eva and Juan is in 2011". This photography will have, in addition, an image " all austere and Spartan posible" in its presentation in direct, far from great local audio-visual assemblies and looking for as far as possible " of distances cortas" , according to Eva. " After touching with Bob Dylan in Gredos in 2009 we saw that as much assembly was not the correct direction, although will be great screens and enclosures when it has haberlos" , it has added Juan. As musical of direct they will count with a pair of signings of weight, as they are the members of Sexy Sadie Jaime Garci’a (vocalista and guitars in the Majorcan group, in this it marries will take care of guitars of support and choirs) and Toni Toledo in the battery. It will complete the formation Chris Taylor in the low one.

And it is that in spite of not wanting to have a great assembly behind, this is going to be " a band of two guitars, low and battery, with an equipment of sound to comb to people to raya" , Aguirre has joked. " The energy of the songs is based on the guitars and has a very crisp sound. To Eva always it has liked plus our guitars in direct that in study, and we have realized of which we placed if them a point more above we have a more personal plane in our sound. There is a growth in the sound of the guitars and the battery also sounds more potente" , Juan has warned. This line, he has stressed that they themselves are his " critics more feroces" and they are " acostumbrados" to say " of todo". " There will be one who says that we continued doing more of the same and will speak of MGP commercial and all that, but we have experienced much and discussed the approach of canciones" , the musician is dndido. " It is a fact that we do not make jazz progressive, but pop music, that is for people. When the discs work is labeled to you as commercial, and although that was not our intention at any moment, we are encantados" , it has sentenced Juan Aguirre, who in addition has assured that if its music had not prevailed, surely now they would be " in unemployment or slopes of estarlo". Source of the news: Amaral to Perez Rubalcaba: " I do not touch eggs, the songs are of todos"

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