Bathroom Space

December 15, 2014

Therefore, they say, is not particularly razverneshsya. But so it seems at first glance. Now often enough, a larger room, bathroom and toilet combined together. It's not always convenient, but sometimes it can be an optimal solution. But even if you do not, there are many other ways to allocate space.

For example, lockers conveniently located in a special niche in the wall, saving space. A correct choice of colors is also visually increase the size of the room. Light, beige hues enhance the room, and rich, vibrant colors, especially the dark, narrow it, which can be justified for large rooms, but not for small ones. The color must be chosen so that it will contribute to your rest and relaxation, did not cause unpleasant associations, not annoy you. Eventually, the bathroom can and should be turned into a place where you can relax and mentally and physically.

At the present level of technology restrictions in the stylistic design of the bathroom is almost there. When you wish you can make your bathroom a small exotic island (unless, of course, the dimensions of space allows). To this end, selected natural materials such as stone, as the room can be placed appropriate plant (put the palm in the corner or to allow full flower grow ferns). Naturally, in the design can be used and the tree, covered with a special waterproof paint. Even if you do not like the island, the simple (or simple, but, for example, carved) wood panels greatly transform your bathroom.

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