Windows Registry Backup

June 5, 2024

Backup Windows Registry can help recover the computer operating system to operating condition after a critical error, falling hardware and software failures. Furthermore, by restoring the Registry back to the installed system, may retain the previous system settings and options that it is customary and does not want to lose. Only backup the registry can […]

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The future of images

October 11, 2019

When thinking about the future of images we must look to the future about what will mean the number of photos that we will take a few years. Because very soon we can meet the need of handling thousands of pictures and say nothing if we go long term, of which they can be. These […]

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How To Make Your First Web

September 15, 2014

All persons who have created any Web pages, once in a lifetime, we raised the question of how, software and technology that finally choose and where to start. This article aims to at least take the first steps to a good choice. There are different languages in the world of Web design and programming, but […]

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Operational Level

September 15, 2014

In general, a DW is a data set with the following characteristics: Theme stored data by subject or subjects (customers, campaigns, products). These are organized from the perspective of end users, while the operational databases are organized from the perspective of the implementation with a view to achieving greater efficiency in data access Integrated All […]

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CSS And ColdFusion

July 16, 2014

With this article, I have scheduled to release two grandesdesconocidos, ColdFusion and CSS. What are they? CSS is a programming language to handle the structure of a website. Let’s give an example, this would be the bottom of a web page in html, as you see it is a bit messy mix the contents with […]

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