International Technology Forum

January 26, 2013

Organized by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, International Technology Forum (ITF 2007) is a key event to learn about the latest scientific and technological developments and for any industry executives to get information and to exchange ideas (networking). Since 2002, ITF has met United States to the investment community and the business community to promote […]

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Technology Energy

January 24, 2013

There are two new energy technologies that are for coming out and giving birth. Its impacts would be felt even in the regions more poor and ends of the Earth. These two new and modern technologies that will be described below, if other technologies in operation, most old, expensive, complicated and not sustainable in the […]

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Last Technology

January 16, 2013

Medical science has been working since long ago in conjunction with technology to provide solutions to thousands of conditions that without this virtuous union would have no treatment, and even in many cases not even diagnosis. Medicine relies on many branches of science and technology such as electronics, nuclear physics, optics, robotics, etc. Diagnostic imaging […]

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