Brazil Island

May 11, 2020

Nobody is not good to enter in ' ' denuncismos' ' cheap, in papo of who one is not satisfied with the strict essence of our Constitution, in its first paragraph: ' ' All the power emanates of the people, exerts who it by means of representatives elect or diretamente' '. Pra not to speak […]

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Federal District

March 29, 2020

The act of contract, the resignation and the career of the Brazilian executives, and make contrast with other surveys that they show that they, today, have more easiness to enter professionalizing education, as well as in superior courses and of after-graduation. For the researcher Amanda Fellows, doutoranda in the Institute of Psychology of the University […]

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Social Commitment

October 7, 2019

The process of implantation of Management of Abilities possesss some important stages which we can detach: * To identify the abilities individual, or related to the behaviors of the people, which the necessary institution to keep and those that it needs to develop. * To identify the related specific abilities to the areas of knowledge […]

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