About The Business

August 31, 2014

C every day business in Russia is gaining its momentum with each passing day more and more difficult “squeeze” in its ranks, but even more so hold on to them and to find its niche. Large organizations spend a fabulous money to grow their companies and promotion of goods, thus “cutting off the oxygen” to […]

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Being A Leader Is To Inspire, COVEY.

August 31, 2014

Leadership is the ability to inspire people to appreciate themselves and develop their skills, Stephen Covey signal during the second day of ExpoManagement 2008 in Mexico. According banks to Covey, the new global reality is companies characterized by banking the breakdown of the industrial paradigm to make way for the information age in which the […]

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Effective Java

August 18, 2014

A thread of execution, operating systems, a feature that allows an application to perform several tasks concurrently. The different threads of execution share a number of resources such as memory space, open files, authentication status, etc.. This technique simplifies the design of an application that must perform several functions simultaneously.Threads of execution that share the […]

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Mobile Phone Programming Applications

August 17, 2014

Programming applications for mobile phones carries. Development of information technology leads to a simple program that is becoming easier and easier. on the topic at hand. In this article we'll look at a simple example a java-application for mobile phones with MIDletPascal. Step 1. Run the program MIDletPascal If you have not installed MIDletPascal, please […]

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