Mobile Phone Programming Applications

August 17, 2014

Programming applications for mobile phones carries. Development of information technology leads to a simple program that is becoming easier and easier. on the topic at hand. In this article we'll look at a simple example a java-application for mobile phones with MIDletPascal. Step 1. Run the program MIDletPascal If you have not installed MIDletPascal, please refer to:. Step2. Create a new project to create a new project, click NewProject, name the new project "primer". Step 3.

Writing source code in the editor source code make the following code: program primer; begin setColor (0,0,0); fillRect (0,0, getWidth, getHeight); setColor (255,255,255); drawText ('My first program mobile phone. This is interesting! ', 10,15); repaint; delay (3000); end. Step 4. Compiling a program to compile the program, click the Compile button and after successful compilation in the folder created by the project will be ready to file (*. jar), which you can copy to your phone and run. Well, if you know the language Pascal, and have written a program using this language, then learn programming applications for mobile phones you will not MIDletPascal trudno.Nachinayte learn programming from scratch, if you are new to this dele.Uchites real examples and practice in designing their programs, gradually, complicating their codes. If you are not familiar with the language Pascal, you will need to learn the basics of the language and after some time you can write programs for mobile phones in the language and gradually MIDletPascal complicate them! learn how to program mobile phones in a language Java2ME, see here: Marketplace Content: Programming mobile phones Java2ME Learn, learn and practice! Good luck! Mobile content – mobile content site

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