Relieve Stress

May 27, 2014

Magnesium – for offers has become nowadays stress to a kind of epidemic. Whether the stress has now private or professional reasons, everyone who suffers from it, requires a higher amount of magnesium. Taking magnesium reinforced, you can attenuate even the symptoms of stress a lot. But not only the functions of magnesium limited. Nothing […]

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New PhotoHDR Software

May 8, 2014

Individually and flexibly to photorealistic and artistic masterpieces of hair, Munich, 24.01.2012 – FRANZIS brings with HDR Photo Pro 5 a new powerful and flexible HDR software for digital photography, which brings the realistic impression in the photo or from normal images makes art. From simple exposure bracketing, with a normal, underexposed and overexposed image, […]

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Intelligence Inc Software

May 8, 2014

Listed companies can again persuade publicly traded company listed in the first nine months, up to 31 per cent growth in sales and a 30 percent increase of in income revenue climbs on the record of 151.9 million US dollars – compared it were Germany Chief Richard Woods $ 115.7 million in the first nine […]

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The Automatic Door Opener

May 3, 2014

AVANTI motors from bad Lippspringe has the future of garage door automation in mind and impresses with an automatic garage door an extensive and innovative range is already for most homeowners to the modern and comfortable living to. How to change the claims of homeowners over the years, also the industry of Gate Automation iterates […]

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LED Rope (LED Duralight )

May 2, 2014

To date technology in the field of decorative lighting can create a bright and practical solutions at low cost. Every day on the streets, we find an infinite number of advertising designs and architectural accents that attract attention, made on the basis of bright and resistant to environmental light cords. But not everyone knows how […]

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PoINT Supports Now Also HIT Netzon Blu-ray Jukeboxen

May 1, 2014

The list of supported hardware devices at PoINT Software & Systems GmbH is continuously growing. Siegen. So the storage specialist, has announced today, that as of now the Blu-ray Jukeboxen of human interactive technologies (HIT) GmbH with the solutions of PoINT Jukebox Manager and PoINT Storage Manager, as well as the PoINT of toolkits controllable […]

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