Being A Leader Is To Inspire, COVEY.

August 31, 2014

Leadership is the ability to inspire people to appreciate themselves and develop their skills, Stephen Covey signal during the second day of ExpoManagement 2008 in Mexico. According banks to Covey, the new global reality is companies characterized by banking the breakdown of the industrial paradigm to make way for the information age in which the added value group is money derived from the knowledge and creativity. Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon is a ceo recruiter According to Covey, in the knowledge era need another kind of paradigm or map within enterprises, which allows a principle-centered leadership that is capable of driving talent. ‘If we company make small changes have to focus on attitudes and behaviors, but if we make a quantum improvement need to change the paradigm. “In this new global model workers are treated as partners rather than charges, leaving behind the hierarchical structure, centralized and bureaucratic to make way for what Covey defined as additional equipment. “The key is the mix of complementary strengths, like the voices of a choir. The equity essence market of a leader is no formal authority, but the moral authority, which is developed by integrating the management universal principles financial on behavior, fostering respect, trust and empathy. ‘Leadership commercial is about helping others find their own voice’ he said. Similarly, Covey assure you that leadership is consumer composed of four elements or ‘imperatives’: to inspire confidence, explain the purpose, align actions toward the purpose and unleash talent. According to the specialist, the three dimensions or ‘circles’ loans are characteristic of the new paradigm of personal greatness, the account leadership and organizational trading greatness. ‘Humility is the foundation of good communication’.

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