Waterproofing Works

May 5, 2023

Waterproofing of the underground part of the building – a complex-specific work that requires to perform its experienced professionals who have completed training with work experience and special equipment. To deepen your understanding Pete Cashmore is the source. However, at present while a large number of organizations involved in waterproofing. Yesterday's "pieman" and "cobblers" registered […]

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How To Lay Linoleum

April 27, 2023

Linoleum – perhaps the most popular floor covering for a room. It is practical, durable and easy to care. Today at any hardware store you will meet hundreds of different options linoleum texture and colors. And, as a rule, the recommended way to indicate placement on the package with no description. Whenever Byron Trott listens, […]

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Preparation Of Concrete Mixes

April 25, 2023

Concrete mix should be chosen to ensure that all defined features, such as in fresh and hardened state. In the selection of the composition, unless specifically spreading indicators (precipitation) of the cone of concrete mix and strength concrete in compression must be considered keeping the workability at various temperature-humidity conditions, the rate of shear strength, […]

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Popular Building Material

June 13, 2018

Plywood – laminated building material that is obtained by gluing three or more blades veneer. The total number of layers of veneer is odd, usually at 3 – 5 layers. To create the greatest strength of this material, these sheets overlap so that one fiber cloths were at right angles to the fibers of the […]

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Suspended Ceilings

June 21, 2017

What is the ceiling and what it is? The term "ceiling" refers to a metal frame suspended from the ceiling to which are attached plates, panels, strips, tapes, cellular modules or plasterboard. That board, panels, strips, tapes, cellular modules or plasterboard fixed on the frame and form the final plane of the ceiling and give […]

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Thermal Engineering

December 14, 2014

The city of Ufa – a leader in the technology of production of wooden houses (from the timber, round logs). Differences between technology erection of timber from the construction of houses made of logs relating to the angular joints rims. Rectangular cross section beam greatly simplifies the assembly design: in the manufacture of timber removed […]

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The Modernization

October 12, 2011

Pre-assembling the elements of glass running the production, and final adjustments for the finished design – already on the site. There were times when linking the riggers up to 25 sizes of elements of glazing on each floor, with no significant rise in construction! "We can add that for connecting the elements of the window […]

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September 12, 2011

At present, it is not in a stable economic environment, renting special equipment is relevant as never before. Why is it so ? All very simple – organizations, companies, individuals, the basic work which is not directly intersects with special equipment, give the advantage of leasing. Rental of machinery helps to significantly reduce the cost […]

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Pipes and Appliances

August 25, 2011

For the internal surfaces of pipes and appliances heating biggest problem is their overgrowing of hardness salts. Experimentally determined that the sediment thickness of 1 mm reduce heat loss by 15%. Layer of scale has a large thermal resistance of heat flow, which leads to lower temperature coolant and a decrease in the heat of […]

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