Meteorology & Weather Forecast

October 1, 2014

The art of weather reports & weather forecasts what is only accurate? The rule or the barometer? Sun on new year’s day really has to do something with the harvest? Or the weather conditions at the Epiphany about the amount of snow in January and February? This is first of all to say that the […]

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Ebler Marketing Assistant

September 18, 2014

Compact in the space big performance two-dimensional scans with high accuracy and speed results in the positioning unit M-900KOPS of the company physics instruments (PI) out. Heard with external dimensions of 170 mm the adjuster to the little ones, offers but 50 mm of travel in two axes and a load capacity up to 660 […]

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New Abrasive Delivery System

June 30, 2014

Fast and economical water jet cutting with ABRALINE advanced Bad Nauheim, 06.02.2013 – with the ABRALINE abrasive conveyor KMT waterjet systems offers a solution for fast and economical water jet cutting. Newest member of this family is the ABRALINE advanced with greater Abrasivtank and optimized design execution. This is suitable especially for the supply of […]

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New Research Network

April 28, 2014

Since October 2012 research and innovation location Austria to an innovation rich by the Styrian human technology cluster was the training network of human technology (QnHT) “founded, which also Vivocell Biosolutions participates and will bring its expertise.” This research and knowledge network is one of the 10 winners of a tender, initiated by the Austrian […]

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