Meterological Community

July 25, 2012

The objective of this work is to instigate to the metrolgica community to argue a conceptual regarding the metrologia in order to point out it as science of the measurement in the system of classification of the busy knowledge for too much sciences, and, in this manner, to contribute in the quarrels that involve the […]

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Permanent Education

July 8, 2012

Many times are more easy to take a medicine to alliviate a symptom, of what looking for to understand what the organism wants in them to communicate. Another sufficiently positive aspect of the UCIS it is the work with groups, for the possibility to approach the people of the community and to share its experiences. […]

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The Android

July 1, 2012

Launched in as the semester of 2008, the Android is an operational system for mobile that wheel on a Linux nucleus. The first company to develop the Android platform was the Google and, even so now either produced for the Open Handset Aliancce, the Google continues being responsible skin management and engineering of the processes. […]

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