GIF Traffic

June 30, 2013

Avoid posting your banner on pages with many other banners and analyzes the results to see if it’s worth a future investment. Animated GIF banners are easier to capture attention to banners without moving (static), besides which are almost standard tax since the static have very little effectiveness in the middle. Link of interest: just […]

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SIP Nortel

June 24, 2013

Nortel also presents the next version of software, (I) CVM 14 of the CS 2000, which will unleash a powerful set of advanced SIP applications that unify communications experience for subscribers. These new SIP applications increase the competitive advantage of the providers of services allowing subscribers to communicate and collaborate with ease, flexibility and efficiency. […]

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June 15, 2013

It needs time and work responsibly to build a business virtually anywhere. Why online you have to be different? If someone tries to tell you any differently, know that they are lying you. If you want to create a business, you have to be willing to work, must devote some time to research and be […]

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Watch TV On The Internet

June 10, 2013

How many times have finished tired of changing channels on your TV without seeing anything interesting? how many hours of boredom you had to spend watching the heart programs, low quality movies, newscasts and other bland programming that does more than make you wish that the time to go or eat to be able to […]

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