Cataloguing Principles

July 24, 2014

The second task involves a comparison between the data the user has and that the catalog offers, to determine if the found record corresponds to the entity you’re looking for, or a comparison between data of multiple records to distinguish entities represented by each one of them. The third task is the selection or evaluation […]

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CSS And ColdFusion

July 16, 2014

With this article, I have scheduled to release two grandesdesconocidos, ColdFusion and CSS. What are they? CSS is a programming language to handle the structure of a website. Let’s give an example, this would be the bottom of a web page in html, as you see it is a bit messy mix the contents with […]

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Fortran Generation

July 8, 2014

Its operation is simple, you have two choices, transmit or not transmit. His appearance made the small computers were faster and cheaper. In this generation auxiliary memory is expanded and created the large capacity magnetic disks. Were designed printers and scanners and developed programming languages, are the new programming language called High Level Languages. Third […]

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