CSS And ColdFusion

July 16, 2014

With this article, I have scheduled to release two grandesdesconocidos, ColdFusion and CSS. What are they? CSS is a programming language to handle the structure of a website. Let’s give an example, this would be the bottom of a web page in html, as you see it is a bit messy mix the contents with the structure which, in a line does not see the difference but in a page with about 250 lines, can become a real hell. Now we will show how to put background with CSS body (background: # 000000;) As shown the content is much cleaner and understandable, (again as long as my items are to generate interest) I am sending address where to find information about CSS ColdFusion is a programming language of Macromedia by the server (such as PHP or ASP or JSP) is very similar to HTML and in my opinion the easiest to learn. With you can generate your database and build forms for your web users to communicate with you, send mails from your web pages etc … It has a tremendous disadvantage is that the software is not free and the cost that is 5,999 (example is somewhat exaggerated exisitiendo other equal or more powerful languages are totally free, like PHP, ASP, etc …), download a trial version (this means that expires in 30 days) .

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