Leading Mexicans

March 31, 2014

Mexico, Earth’s leaders today is known the secret for development, is not anything other than the leadership well applied in each of our activities because you are employer, boss, teacher to parent. A leader is someone who directs a group of people towards a good in common, either good or bad, and this is committed […]

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Artificial Intelligence

March 23, 2014

The methods of analysis and projects of cited algorithms (Division and Conquest, Algorithms Gulosos and Dynamic Programao) help to become the processes most practical, dynamic and trustworthy. During the study it was observed that to decide one definitive problem in the computer she is necessary that it is, a priori, found a form to describe […]

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Fashion Design

March 17, 2014

Fashion Design, shoes and accessories What can be the subject for the design? The object of design can be almost any new technology, industrial product (kit ensemble, the complex system) in any sphere of human activity, where socio-cultural, due to human communication. Any absolutely anyone in our society is facing with the design of everyday […]

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March 10, 2014

Educational Robotics opens an interesting way to adopt this teaching model. Different research on the pedagogical benefits provided by Robotics students point to the following aspects: creative stimulus: planning the construction of an object with a specific utility favors the development of creativity of the student, who must propose solutions based on their knowledge and […]

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