Artificial Intelligence

March 23, 2014

The methods of analysis and projects of cited algorithms (Division and Conquest, Algorithms Gulosos and Dynamic Programao) help to become the processes most practical, dynamic and trustworthy. During the study it was observed that to decide one definitive problem in the computer she is necessary that it is, a priori, found a form to describe this problem of a clear form and needs. She is necessary that let us find a sequence of procedures that they make possible that the problem can be decided in automatic and repetitive way. Moreover, it is needed to define as the information that will be processed will be stored in the computer. Therefore, the solution of a problem for computation is based on two stages: the sequence of steps and the form as the data will be kept in the computer. It can also be perceived the well-known advances in the referring studies to the Bioinformtica.

Diverse algorithms had been elaborated aiming at to supply the increasing necessity of if making more complex studies for Biology. Each time plus these algorithms is capable to manipulate excessive volumes of information of sequences of human genome and polimorfismos. Still more complex studies on Biology probably will appear. Then it fits to the computation to give the support so that advances proceeding from these research become possible. Here it is there the great function of the Bioinformtica, to guarantee and to make possible each time more the technological and scientific advances for the biological studies.

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