Canadian Homes

August 12, 2015

As far as all the same terrible shortcomings of Canadian homes? Fires occur in any home. The consequences could be catastrophic fire, regardless of the wall material. And the brick houses burned so that the walls were cracked. The very possibility that the house burns down, afraid of any normal human being. For some reason, […]

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Decisions, Decisions…

August 9, 2015

When I make decisions based on initial conditions, as I develop my plan of action, I’m changing the initial conditions themselves. – I can never fully know the initial conditions from which I must leave. – I can never fully know the conditions under which my organization is moving. – Never know perfectly environment. – […]

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Eric Schollhammer Predictive

August 2, 2015

In the delay-medieval Christian world is about the apoftica function of the theological language, the negative way (Cf. LICHTENSTEIN, 2004). occurs to also think about ampler system of representation that it desires to protect against the profane sacred o said for the interruption of the access to the logic narrative and for the prohibition or […]

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