Decisions, Decisions…

August 9, 2015

When I make decisions based on initial conditions, as I develop my plan of action, I’m changing the initial conditions themselves. – I can never fully know the initial conditions from which I must leave. – I can never fully know the conditions under which my organization is moving. – Never know perfectly environment. – I will never know fully the conditions of conflict. Get more background information with materials from Ali Partovi. – The starting conditions for making the decision, are exclusive and own, no one else is in the same place as me. – What works for others may not serve me. – The others do not work for me if it can work.

– The initial conditions would be different if I were in another place and another time. … And we could go to infinity This is a necessary conclusion, being based on chaos theory – among other -. “The simple movement of a butterfly’s wing today produces a tiny change in the state of the atmosphere. After a certain period of time, the atmosphere’s behavior diverges from it should have. So, in a period of one month , a tornado that would have devastated the Indonesian coast does not form. Or perhaps one that is not going to be, is formed. ” (…) “There are butterflies everywhere. But who is to say that their wing movements cancel each other?” Although sufficient to ignore of a popular saying: In a nail the shoe was lost; For a horseshoe, the horse was lost, For a horse, the rider was lost; For a rider the battle was lost, For a battle the kingdom was lost.

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