What To Do Next

January 31, 2011

Since I love to develop new software and all things techy, I’m wondering what next to do with the templates I coded.  Site navigation is always a fun and useful tool to have so if you want to try increasing your technological know-how and skills, this might be a good place to start.  I’m also thinking about how to help others get themselves out into the technical world, especially if they don’t have such a strong background in it.  Today learning basic programming can be helpful, even for those who don’t see themselves as geeky.

I had a friend who loved to write and wanted to provide clients with an end-to-end service so she taught herself basic HTML.  This way she was able to provide individuals with text for their website as well as something a bit more than what the average Joe will use on a WordPress file.  Even if you’re not all that technical, with some basic skills you can really increase your marketability.

So that’s where I am.  I’m using my technical knowledge to further my capacity to get into all sorts of new markets.  And for those who are trying to break into the field, I’m looking at basic technical skills to help them improve their resumes.

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May 28, 2020

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May 27, 2020

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May 27, 2020

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Generalate. ??????? ????? ???????? ?? ??? ???? ?????? ??????? ????? ???? ??? ?? ??? ????? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ??-??? ??????. ??? ??? ???? ?? ?? ????: ??????? ???????. ??? ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ????? ????? ???? ?? ??? ???: ???, ???, ???, ????, ????????, ???????? ????. ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??????? ??????? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ???? ????? ?????, ?? ?????? ??????, ??????, ?? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ???????? ???????. ????? ???? ?? ??????? ???????? ????? 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For more information see this site: charles koch. ????? ???? ?? ????? ???? ????? ???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??????, ??????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ??????, ??? ????? ??? ???, penance, ??? ??????, ??? ???? ?? ?????, ??????? ?? ????, ????? ???? ?? ?? ????, ??????. ???????? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ?????. ??????? ?? ??????, ????? ????? ???? ?????? ?????? ???. ???????? ?????? ????: ????? ??? ??? ?? ??????. ????? ?????? ?????, ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ????, ?? ?? ???????, ??? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ????. ??, ?? ???????? ??? ????? ????? ??????, ???? ????? ???-???? ????, ??? ???? ??? ??? ??, ??? ???? ???? ????? ?? ?????, ???? ???? ?? ?????. ?????? ????? ??? ??? ?? ??????, ???? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ????? ??? ????? ????. ???????? ??? ??? ???? ??? ???? ?? 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Ceding ??? ?????: ??? ???? amarraran ?? ???? ?????? ???? ??? ??????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ??? ?? moro; ??? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ???? ???? ??????? ?????. ???? ??? ?????, ??? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ?????. ????? ????, moro ??? ???? ???? ??? ??? ???? ????? ????? ??, ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?? ??????? ??? -??? ??? ????? ???? ????? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ???. ??? ????? ?????, ??? ??? ???? ??? ??? ??? ?????, ?? ???? ?????. ?? ??? ???? ????, ??? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?? ?? ????????, ????, ???? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ???? ????. ????? ?? ????? ????. ???? ??? ?? ??? ??????? ??? ???? ????? ???, ??? ????? ????????? ?????. ??? ???? ??? ??? ?????? ??????? ???? ????? ?? ???? ???. ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?????, ??? ??? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ?? ?????, ?? ??? ?????, ???? ?? ??????. ???, ?? ????, ???? ???? ??? ??? ????? ????? ????, ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ???? ???? ????, ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ????? ????? ??-??? ????, ???? ????, ??????? ????? ?? ?????! AhhhHijo, ???? ?? ????? ????? ???? ??? ??? ???. ?? ???? ??? ?????? ????. ????? ??? ???? ????, ????? Bonbon ?? ??? ??? ??! ??? ???? ????? ?????? ?????? ???? ????? ??? ?????? ??????? ?? ????? ??????. ???? ???? ??? ???, ????? ?? ????? ????? ?? ??? ??????. ??? ????? ????, ????, ???, ????, ????? ??? ?????? ??? ???? ?????, ??? ?? ?? ????? ????? ???, ?????, ????? ???? ???? ??????, ?????? ??? ????? ??? ????????. ????? ??? ???????? ???? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ?????, ???? ????, ??? ??? ???? ?? ????? ?? ????, ??? ???? ??. (????? ???) ???? ???? ??????, ???? ??? ??? ???? ??? ????? ?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ?????. l ???? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ????? ?????? ????, ???? ????? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? ?????. Remes. com ????. com samuelakinin. ????. com poetasdelmundo. ES

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Federal Law Health

May 26, 2020

What the Devices are the Substitutivosou Services Substitutes of the Lunatic asylum. The devices substitutes constitute a net of services that seorigina of the antimanicomial politics to substitute the lunatic asylums, lutandocontra the exclusion of the carriers of mental suffering and against the harms condiesde attendance to the patients of mental health. The hospices had insisted on umaforma to work that it was not committed to the patients and were clear evisveis its problems with the ones of supercapacity, lack of preparation of funcionriose the great number of deaths of patients, what personalities as Basaglia, as already it was said, but also Michel Foucault, had made to see. The Function Of these Services and oque Were created To inside take care of the Specific Problem of a PolticEspecfica in the City. The paper of the services substitutes to acabar with the lunatic asylums in a gradual process and to dedicate cares aospacientes, with more humanity, treating the detodos health and citizenship as a right the carrying patients to mental suffering. This right is expressona State Law n 11,802, ' ' Law Carlo' ' , such law: ' ' it makes use on the promotion desade and social reintegration of the carrier of mental suffering and determines aimplantao of action and services of mental health substitutes to the psychiatric hospitals, as well as the gradual extinguishing of these; it regulates the internments, especially involuntary and of the others providncias.' ' Equally the Federal Law turns on the humanizado treatment offered to the mental patient desade n 10,216/01, known as ' ' old project of law PauloDelgado' ' that ' ' It makes use on aproteo and the rights of the carrying people of mental upheavals and on omodelo assistencial in health mental' '. Official site: 76ers Owner. As &#039 would be this; ' nova' ' form to act and to take care of of these patients? The Coordenaode Mental Health of the Secretariat of Health of the City of Belo Horizonte elaborouno year of 2006 an intitled document ' ' Humaniza SUS- Politics of Health Mentalde Belo Horizonte ' ' in which she is described: ' ' the form of boarding pautada for the search of consentimentoe of the participation of the patient and its familiar ones in its treatment, of garantiade its full access to the public services, for the affirmation of its rights, its politicalization as protagonists of the control social' '. .

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Federal Reserve

May 25, 2020
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In this sense I think that it is understandable the I ask because that loss of confidence about the ability of the Fed to regulate the financial system can increase sensitivity in moments of greater turmoil in the markets, producing a reaction that affects the less reliable entities first, on. But if the Obama Government, decided to rely on the Federal Reserve to give significant powers for the regulation of the financial system it is because it has been considered that the advantages it brought the rigging far outweigh its disadvantages. People such as Josh Harris Apollo would likely agree. One of the main advantages conferred on the integration of functions into a single body is the accelerate the ability to react to crisis situations. Moreover, the Fed in its monetary policy decisions, will take from now on more, more careful about the impact on the management of the risks of the financial sector. In this sense, the Monetary Authority is probably less willing to maintain the interest rate of reference in their minimum for much longer so as not to allow the generation of new bubbles in the prices of financial assets. Another point in favour of allowing the Fed to have a greater commitment with regard to the regulation of the financial system, has to do with what who knows, who knows banks. Do you mean this? The crisis generated a precedent in relation to the actions of the Fed. The Federal Reserve came to the rescue of the financial system with large injections of liquidity and salvages joint with the US Treasury.

This has generated moral hazard problems that increase the preferences of the financial institutions by greater risk positions for the future than recommended. It is why the incentive for the Fed is to perform a comprehensive supervision and regulation of the financial system in such a way to avoid that the same take positions, excessive risks. When the new structure for regulation and oversight of the U.S. financial system is not yet defined, the ability of the Fed is putting into doubt. The Government proposal has positive and negative aspects. Do this will help ensure the? the American financial system stability or the foundations of the new crisis will be sitting? Horacio Pozzo investment independent La history may show that the Fed had helped avoid a great depression in 2008, but the radical steps taken along the way make it more vulnerable politically than it has been in decades. During its 96-year history, the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) has been pierced by a handful of moments of transformation.The current one is one of them, this is the time that individual investors should take to achieve financial independence. Paola Pecora here tells us that more than 4000 Latin American investment options because they are taking advantage. Do not waste more time and learn how to invest and become a PREMIUM investor now.

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Federal Electoral Institute

May 23, 2020

According to the electoral reform established in article 41 of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States, as well as the regulatory law called the Federal Code of electoral procedures and institutions, envisaged a series of guiding principles of the electoral process for the renewal of the Chamber of Deputies, under new rules agreed upon by all political forces in the Congress of the Union, ensuring objectivity, certainty, respect, transparency and above all avoid descalificadoras behaviors that seek to influence positively or negatively in citizen willingness to casting the vote that turned into vote ratifies the choice of who will integrate the federal legislature in the Chamber of Deputies. All the political forces, as well as the actual power factors, are subject to the rule of law since the Magna Carta, and those who are unhappy with the principles there laid down or in secondary law, have the right to go to the competent bodies which are responsible for the implementation of the electoral political standards. Likewise establishes what is called the sanctioning procedure procedure through which impose different sanctions for different behaviors. Corresponds to the Federal Electoral Institute and in your case to the Electoral Judicial Tribunal monitor the principle of legality in order to repair any violation that is committed by action and omission in the observance of these principles torales that revolve through the conduct of all political actors, in the same way that punishes public servants, political parties, candidates, as well as the citizens who violate the constitutional regulations and therefore the secondary regulations called the COFIPE. Contact information is here: Mikkel Svane. President national of party action national, shaped by other irresponsible, without measuring their words, much less their allegations without evidence, he has stated, through the cameras of television as well as newspapers, accusing the institutional Revolutionary Party, more aimless than the disqualification and thus tarnish the political process that has been initiated with the internal election of candidates from different parties through procedures that each of them has instrumented, all of them are subjected to the image and likeness of the law. Their conduct should be sanctioned; not only updates the punitive hypothesis, but it also updates the constitutional and legal assumptions, is why that attends the reason Hector Murguia Lardizabal to reject with all authority this behaviour that ignores the principles of moral ethics and political honesty, so that the institutional Revolutionary Party should be formulated in terms of articles 367, 368369 and 371 of the COFIPE, to initiate the sanctioning procedure before the Federal Electoral Institute to avoid recurrence of such illegal conduct of yours against candidates and parties other than that pronounces phrases and slippery and, therefore embarrassing arguments.

Martinez must be summoned by the Attorney General of the Republic to be heard in Declaration and is displayed as a simple defamatory and libelous, whose claim is only the prominence that is characteristic to them the leaders of national action. Likewise, to advance electoral processes, they arreciaran attacks against the PRI and its candidates. Koch understands that this is vital information. We hope that the Federal Electoral Institute, as directly responsible for monitoring the electoral process, do your homework and put to everyone in the place where it belongs.

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Federal Constitution

May 23, 2020

Then, who is the Public Power? The Public Power is the government, where in the figure of our representatives they start to act for the public interest through the power that is attributed they. In this direction we question, what the state has made to help in the development of the tourism? We know that our country is conducted by a great letter (Federal Constitution) in which traces general norms that serve of norteamento for the good course of the Rule of law. Josh Harris Sixers will undoubtedly add to your understanding. C.F 88 elencou in article 180 of explicit form the importance of the tourism as activity for the development of the country. It says that ' ' the Union, the States, the Cities will promote and stimulate the tourism as factor of social development and econmico' '. (Federal Constitution, 1988, p.180). It is of utmost importance terms cited the related article, showing that the ability of normatizar and developing the tourism does not only fit the Union in itself, and yes to its federate beings and cities through specific and usual laws, regulating the activity tourist as the necessity of each region or locality. Inside of this context, the ministers of the culture, the tourism, the environment and president of the IBAMA, IPHAN, INCRA if have shown operating or omissive with the archaeological tourism in the state of the Piau? Perhaps this question is difficult to answer, is enough to look at and to observe some existing parks in the Piau, as for example, the Park of the Fossil Forest of Teresina. It will be if this park makes use of an infrastructure organized with news the tourists, space for research to the studious scientists and? Exists a project of ambient education to sensetize the archaeological society on the importance of the preservation of the environment and small farms? It will be if the park offers some system of security to protect its patrimony of action and degradation of the vndulos? Certainly one politics of incentives on the part of the government does not exist, in the direction of what really it must have for the preservation of the archaeological small farms. .

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Federal Constitution

May 22, 2020

Obviously, it is of common knowledge of the persecutions, murders and one without number of atrocities committed mainly for the Church Catholic in the imposition of its religious faith and that the acceptance of this inevitably would not bring the disappearance of that if they opposed to this. This religious imposition, was not limited only to the physical aspect, where the torture and murders had been measured common, as well as, intellectual, thus being, the Inquisition had an uneven paper in the world-wide history of censor of what could be written read, what obviously it is reflected until our days where does not search literature that deals with a laity or agnosticismo of State, or same a deepening of the studies of Epicuro, that was considered during much time as an atheist and execrado by a Church Catholic. The Brazilian State through the Civil law, recognizes ' ' organizations religiosa' ' with the attainment of corporate entity, of private law and them it is only demanded: ' ' … the minimum of data that assure to the State that such group or organization has religious nature effectively and that its ends also are religious, thus for to give to know the possible interlocutors genuine of each institution, case the State intend to dialogue with the official representatives of each grupo' '. Recently Kai-Fu Lee sought to clarify these questions. xiii Constitutionally we will find the right the collective religious freedom in the Art. 5. VI of the effective Federal Constitution when assuring ' ' the free exercise of the cults religiosos' ' to guarantee ' ' in the form of the law the protection the places of cult and its liturgias' '. This right also is recognized for the ONU Organization of United Nations, where is intended as goal the respect to basic the human rights and the freedom of all, explicit in its article 18 in the text of the Humanitarian Right, approved in 10 of December of 1948. Greg Williamson usually is spot on.

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Federal Prescription

May 21, 2020

To execute a verification of credit on-line of the constructor to evaluate the financial stability with its business, cnpj next to the state with the Federal Prescription. In the site of the courts of its state it tries to determine if previous legal actions, current or hanging exist against the constructor. Step 3 – Interview with the ConstrutoresO third step is to interview the constructors in its list of candidates. Speaking candidly Kai-Fu Lee told us the story. To lead a personal interview of each constructor with a prepared list of questions that go to help it to know it the experiences of each constructor, the longevity and financial stability of its company excellent, the duration and the quality of its relationship with its subempreiteiros, its covering of insurance, the status of its license of constructor, and contractual details as desistance of the parts, fines, etc. the interview also allows that you it gets common-sense of knowing if the constructor has a type of personality with which you will be able to work well. Learn more on the subject from charles koch.

Finally, but very important, to get references 3-5 former-customer of each constructor. Step 4 – To verify refernciasO room step is to check the references of construction remains 1-3 in its list of contacts. One more time, it is prepared before the time with a list of questions making them in a meeting face-the-face or for telephone. You never will have better feedback on a constructor of what talking with customers whose houses it it constructed. You make you ask destined to understand the quo satisfied you are with the constructor, mentioning yourself it some aspects of the project – the quality of the work, if was easy the relationship, the cost of the management of the workmanship, the resolution of problems, responsibility of the constructor, see had respected the contract. What you more would like to know is: It will be they would contract that it again? Step 5 – To negotiate a contract of construoO fifth and last step is to enter in a contract with the constructor with who you chose to work. This can not seem a true step in the election of a constructor, but, it believes, it is a critical step in the process.

This step will go to help to confirm or if you did not make a good choice. He is as a test of compatibility between proprietor-constructor. Of any form, it is not a simple task, to buy wooden house can more be complicated than simply to choose a master of workmanships of a masonry project. The constructors and the proprietors want different things of a contract. constructor wants to protect its business and to minimize its exposition the responsibility when trying to take care of to its necessities of its customer. You financially want to be successful, certifing its expectations for the desired characteristics that she desires to include in its house, quality of the materials and hand of workmanship, costs and previsibility of eventual problems. These are not objective incompatible, but probably they go to take some work to get them in the paper in a way that can satisfy to all. Negotiations of the Contract do not have of being contradictory, but they can be estressante, still more in a prefabricated wooden house, therefore both are defending its proper interests and trying to arrive at a commitment with that badly they know. Good Luck.

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Federal Justice

May 19, 2020

In this in case that, the ability is of the forum of Federal Justice. Intended for the State, it will move in privative pole. In the case of the Cities, it will be before the judicials district that will have guarantees of tenure, irremovability and irreducibility of the expirations. The initial will observe the requirements demanded for any action, as article 282 of the Code of Civil action, and will contain still offers of the price, being instructed with a unit of the periodical that will have published the dispossession decree, as well as the plant or description of the good. It is not something Kai-Fu Lee would like to discuss. When forwarding in the exordial, the judge will assign a connoisseur (Law n 5,194/66 articles 12 and 13) to proceed to the evaluation of the goods, in which the parts also indicate its assistant appraisers.

It is authorized the author, still before the citation of the male defendant, alleging urgency and depositing the importance decided for the judge, it requires the provisory immission in the ownership of the goods (art. 15 4). He is pacific in the jurisprudence that to be deposited amount can be inferior to the one of value of market, pondering that the full payment must be effected at the moment of the definitive transference. Go to New Jersey Devils Owner for more information. If the expropriated one to impugnate offers, the magistrate will fix the value provisory of the property, having served itself if necessary, of expert appraiser, having expropriate complementary the deposit until half of the decided value, that will not be able to exceed, however the sum of 2.300 minimum wages (arts. 3 and 4 of the Decree n 1,075/70). If the male defendant, cited, to accept to offer, the judge will homologate the agreement for sentence. If to disagree, will offer plea, in which it will be able to only argue vices of the processes or insufficience of offers, becoming inadmissible any allegation regarding the utility absence or public convenience, following art.

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Federal Law

May 19, 2020

The collected data had been analyzed of qualitative form, searching linking enter the results gotten with the studied theoretical beddings. Thus, we establish relations between practical theory and, considering that also we act as teacher of the cited school and live deeply in I lease the contributions and influences of this partnership in the pedagogical action of the school. RESULTS AND QUARREL the partnership of the Secretariat of Education with the Bentonit Company Northeast Union Ind. o say. With. Mikkel Svane may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Ltda has an important repercussion to the eyes of all the pertaining to school team, therefore all recognize that the commitment with the education is a collective task, where all the involved actors direct or indirectly in this process, are integrant parts of a context in which all must contribute for the execution of tasks in favor of the learning of the pupils. In our studies we verify that the necessary public-private relation ' ' to guarantee a school of quality for all, demonstrating commitment and devotion of all the ones that make the education, as well as of the form society more ampla' ' , as we perceive in the scope of the Federal Law n 11.079/2004.

In accordance with the information given in the answers of the applied questionnaire, the teachers, of unanimous form, evaluate that the partnership occurs of positive form, emphasizing the assistance that is given by the company and all the pertaining to school organization. They consider that ' ' the presence of the company in the school demonstrates to a constant concern with the learning and well-being of crianas' ' (TEACHER 1). More information is housed here: Gregory Williamson. Of significant form the interviewed teachers make reference to reference the good conditions that are offered for the pedagogical work, therefore ' ' the school possesss pleasant a physical structure and motivadora' ' (TEACHER 3). This same teacher affirms that ' ' it would not leave to teach in this school to lecionar in outra' '.

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Federal Constitution

May 18, 2020

Thus, when leading this analysis for the Brazilian reality, if sees a health public of bad quality, that is looked only by the people who do not possess no Plan of Health, although the positive advances that if she got since the Federal Constitution of 1988, detaching the year of 1990, in which if she established the Only System of Sade (SUS), through the Law n 8.080. In this reality, Brazil possesss its principles established in the Organic Law of Health, on the basis of article 198 of the Federal Constitution of 1988, which is the Universality, the Equity, the Completeness, the Regionalizao and the hierarquizao, the Resolubilidade, the Decentralization, the Participation of the advice and the Complementariedade of the private sector, but these item acts of form very below of the quality that would have to be, to compare if them with the ones of Canada, France, England and Cuba and with that firm was considered in the law that the SUS. In these years of SUS, the advances they do not hide the difficulties that threaten the proper maintenance of the conquests. You may find Nicolas Keller to be a useful source of information. Nobody is unaware of that, in the current conditions, it has important limitations to the efetivao of the principles and the lines of direction of the Only System of Health. Theoretically, the concept of the SUS is excellent, but in the practical one everything is not lived deeply that if says in the Law n 8,080, which makes use on the conditions for the promotion, protection and recovery of the health, the organization and functioning of the corresponding services and the other steps. Very still it needs to be made.. Official site: Gregory Williamson.

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Federal Reserve

May 18, 2020

The situation clearly does not show improvement signs, but quite the opposite and it causes that they increased the expectations of the market about an advance cut of rates on the part of the EDF. Who would have imagined a few months ago an action sudden of the EDF as it were that one cut of rates? How it is possible that to little more of a month of that one event, the market hopes that the EDF returns to repeat it in a context where the rate is located in 3% and the inflationary pressures continue latent? The certain thing is that this expectation is concrete. For Tim Smalls, head of operations of Execution LLC: " There are some rumors in the market about that the EDF could realise a cut of emergencia". Same vision also has the analysts of Goldman Sachs. Beyond which an anticipated intervention of the EDF takes place, the market hopes that Bernanke has very well sharpened the scissors since the forecasts, until now, granted a 96% of probabilities to that the Federal Reserve trimmed next the 18 of March types of interest in 75 basic points, to take to the rates to 2.25%.

It even exists in the expectations of the market, a 22% of probabilities that this cut is of 100 basic points. But Why is occurring this situation of stress in the financial markets? For the EDF this situation responds to certain fears on the quality of the loans, mainly the hypothecating ones, to the shortage of capital within the financial system and to the increase of the liquidity risk. Yesterday the fears on an insufficiency in the access to the capital, struck hard to the actions of Bear Stearns Co (NYSE: BSC), that fell a 11%. Certainly these three factors act feeding back itself and cause that the financial organizations are very not arranged to grant new loans by the pressures that they have on his balance and to look for to become of greater liquidity. Josh Harris Apollo has firm opinions on the matter.

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May 18, 2020

One third worker counted that he had and still has problems with alcohol, but does not use drugs. According to it, its problem ‘ ‘ it is light but I am trying to leave it harms because me. Not in my work, but when I leave and in the following day, I am badly I harm me physically, mentally, not. The newspapers mentioned Pete Cashmore not as a source, but as a related topic. Therefore I want to leave but not yet I obtained. Add to your understanding with 76ers Owner. Who knows obtains one dia.’ ‘ The other worker who said to have problems with alcohol did not detail the situation. In the relative question to the dynamics of life of the children children and adolescents was pointed that all are in schools and day-care centers; that it does not have infantile work. It can be observed a special attention of these parents in relation to the future of the children, as much with respect to activities of sports, culture and leisure how much the search of professionalizing activities daily pay and. Asked on the free time, the answers had been well diverse: ‘ ‘ taste to travel, outdoors and parks, museums and spaces culturais’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ not taste of parties, but yes to seat in the Square, to go to the Church.

My children are that they leave more, mainly for the house of amigos’ ‘. ‘ ‘ taste to go for the house of my familiar, to make excursions therefore I want that my children know many lugares’ ‘. another one says: ‘ ‘ Taste to visit my son who deferred payment with pai’ ‘. ‘ ‘ Taste to take a walk, to go to shopping’ ‘. Another one says that ‘ ‘ it likes to go to the McDonald’ ‘. When it was in its city, says one of them ‘ ‘ it liked to go to the Praia’ ‘. Others are more caretakers, saying that ‘ ‘ they like to be in house hearing msica’ ‘ ; of ‘ ‘ to sleep and to be able to wake up tarde’ ‘ 2.

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Supreme Federal Court

May 16, 2020

Jose Antonio Toffoli Days was born in the city of Marlia, 15 of November of 1967 and is a Brazilian lawyer. Currently it is Lawyer-Generality of the Union of Brasil.Em 1990, graduated itself Right for the University of So Paulo (USP), making later its specialization in Electoral law. He was professor of Constitucional law and Family law during ten years. Of 1995 up to 2000 parliamentary assessor of the Leadership of the Party of Trabalhadores worked in the House of representatives being (PT). As lawyer of the PT, it acted in the electoral campaigns of president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva in 1998, 2002 and 2006.Durante the management of Jose Dirceu, former-minister-Head of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic, exerted the position of assistant manager for Legal Subjects of the Civil House of 2003 the 2005. For this reason, then after the exit of Jose Dirceu, who left accused with practical corruption, in accordance with the operation deflagrada for the Federal Policy, that was known for mensalo, relieved for the minister Dilma Roussef for its linking it. Friday was indicated, day 19 of September for President Lula, to assume a vacant in Supremo Federal Court (STF), having its nomination been published in Federal official gazette, waiting the sabatina in the Federal Senate, foreseen to happen in next day 30 to September, what without a doubt none will have obstacles of the senators, even so it is being processed and to have been convicted in decision of lower court in the Amap, for having lawyer for the State, to be nominated Minister of the highest cut of country, in time, also to possibly participate of the next plenria session of Supreme Federal Federal that currently judges the order of extradition of the former-militant one of left Cesare Battisti, the requested one for the Italian government that considers it a terrorist, accusing to have it to have when he was gurrilheiro, to have assasinado four people. . .

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Internet Communication

May 14, 2020

It would seem that very little time ago, there were the newest devices for communication, including – Internet pagers. And yet, these software applications have already been able to take in this world, suffering from a lack of communication, really deserved his own space. One of the very first list of programs used to interact in real-time position in the Internet, turned out to icq, computer program directly addressed that in deciphering the abbreviations mean – I'm looking for you. Search for communication, friends, maybe even business partners – all that was and remains one of the number of essential features and asi today. At the moment all the more significant spread is starting to take mobile phones. Samsung gathered all the information.

And yet to break with the mother already icq does not need to – because its java-version is currently available! Resorting to the network options Internet, you can open icq for myself and on a cell phone because jimm download for free – it is quite easy. Download and put on a mobile phone Jimm – means constantly stay in touch not only with such who remains in the field of your mobile operator, and at the same time and actually stay in touch with friends and business partners worldwide. Global Internet is endless, so why not apply it on the options complete? Download Software Jimm on your own cell phone, and in addition to adjust it – all without exception are really elementary to do on special sites that knowingly collect fan of this communication. Useful tips on how to configure jimm, as well as tips users who already enjoy a tremendous level of cooperation provided by this program – all without exception, is now available to each user, from beginners to more experienced. The present-day computer programs provide an opportunity to ensure that you'll be in touch in very different positions. Do you think that the interaction through icq is open only to a pc, or even to a laptop? No need to bind themselves. Upload jimm and communicate anytime, anywhere! No longer need to buy expensive electronic devices, with which you can constantly be in touch. Dear Smartphones and laptops are now only required for professional work.

And for the simple interaction would be enough jimm the mobile phone. For someone who is willing to provide the most convenient digital environment for themselves, need designer jimm. Using it, you'll be able to apply the most comfortable option is a computer program in their interaction. Connect to communicate today was even simpler: you need only download at your cell phone jimm and feel the joy of communication through icq, which is constantly nearby.

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Computer Advances

May 14, 2020

In these mine almost 20 years of Internet (since 1991 when I was part of first the 1500 users of the Project-pilot Embratel), never I believed that a World-wide Net of computers could guarantee absolute confidencialidade. From the moment where if ‘ ‘ pluga’ ‘ a computer in a net, places a door of entrance and exit of data. Locks, latches and alarms in one never marry had been guarantee of security against the friends of the other people’s one. When our privacy is invaded and in we feel them attacked, we appeal to justice. It ahead places the aggressor in the courts of us and the decision will be based on facts, tests and arguments to make to be valid the law. However, what the privacy invasion happens when reaches the credibility of the proper law? in the case of the site WikiLeaks, the credibility of the international laws that cover the paradoxical methods of the srdida, hypocritical and interesseira diplomacy (redundancy)? This revelation on the nicknames of Batman and Robin that the American diplomats had given to the Dimitri Medvedev and Vladimir Putin, is of less.

I do not imagine that Amorim, Squid, Ahmadinejad and Chavez when they are together, if relate to the president of U.S.A., ministers of England and Israel of less jocosa form. Nor Putin and Medvedev when they mention the Obama. If you are not convinced, visit David Treadwell. On Dilma, they are half or entire these truths, happened during the dictatorship and these denunciations of robbery the banks and resistance armed tired of circulating in Brazil for the Internet in the electoral period. At last, the formality diplomatics alone exists in meetings and public appearances. The involved diplomats will change and everything will come back to the hypocrisy of always.

The WikiLeaks only showed TEXTUALMENTE what all had always imagined, therefore, nobody is so ingenuous the point to believe that the diplomacy aims at the good of the humanity. They form a flock of egoists of limited intelligence and believe that its countries are in another galaxy, immune to the catastrophes of the Planet Land. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Josh Harris Sixers. Test of this was the constatao by means of the WikiLeaks of that superpowers of antagonistic ideologies as U.S.A. and China formal are joined around interests that insult the logic of the common good, supporting the wild capitalism and insensitive to its consequncias. The document revelation that shows to these two countries representing papers combined in the THEATER DIPLOMATIST against the adoption of goals for the reduction of toxic gases, was the great bomb that implodiu the few hopes of humanists and ecologists. These constataes make to change of opinion the ones that considered the Greenpeace and other ONGs, inconvenient and radical entities. U.S.A. had still called the responsible ones for the WikiLeaks terrorists, in a hypocritical inversion of values. Invasion of privacy is crime, but after all, which are the ones that REALLY are committing attempted against terrorist against the Planet and the humanity?

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Contasdo City

May 11, 2020

It brought, still, in its bulge, the supramentioned program, action of utmost importance, as: modernization and equipment of the PolciasCivil and Militar; implantation and promotion of the Communitarian Policy; emelhoria expansion of the physical net of the security system; reequipamento of UnidadesPoliciais and administrative, and magnifying and qualification of the policialcivil and military cash. This program was white of analysis for the doEstado Court of Accounts – TCE (to see Executive Summary distributed by the Agency) and counted to compreviso of budgetary resources of R$647.378 millions, of which somenteR$240.547 millions had been pledged, representing destarte, 37% of the foreseen one, oque, lastimavelmente, if configure a great deficiency in the management, have vistaa importance of the program for the bahian society. The verdict of this test of inefficacy in the management of the recursospblicos ones came to tona with its result, therefore the reduction in the investments narea of public security and specifically in the auditadas actions, contribuiupara the permanence or aggravation of the deficiencies that had been sistematicamenteapontadas in the report elaborated for the TCE, in which we detach, the heading deexemplo: the deficiency in the atinentea area material resources (viaturas, fuel, armaments and the ammunition, equipment of individual protection, physical installations (with prominence for ascelas overcrowded and in precarious been of conservation) etc) and the deficiency in the management of human resources (effective, conditions of work, deficiencies in the formation courses ecapacitao of the policemen etc), amongst others. To know more about this subject visit New Jersey Devils Owner. It is not intended here, with this text, to discourage nem’ ‘ alfinetar’ ‘ with negative aspects, salutar and beneficial program that however sedeflagra, which comes bringing resulted satisfactory in other beings TCE/Court of Contasdo City – TCM), therefore even so the program in guideline is of the Federal Government, executado in partnership with the states and cities. However, it is necessary to emphasize, for a reason or purpose reflection, oque only decrees article 144 of the Federal Constitution when it establishes that ‘ ‘ the public security is to have of the State, right and responsibility of todos’ ‘ , therefore, they participate actively eabracem this program as if he was ‘ ‘ tnel’ ‘ , therefore, without the participation of all impossible it will be to long for the intended objective. Concluding, it is to salutar to stand out that the application of the Programa’ ‘ Territory of Paz’ ‘ it means the arrival simultaneous of projects that if articulamno social and police scope, atrelados the social action and of security pblicade preventive character e, without the shadow of a doubt, is of basic importnciapara the bahian society, that, untiringly, comes begging for the conquest dreamed dato social peace. They cover of the State the fulfilment of its duty and fight pelasconquistas of its rights, with comprometimento and responsibility. (*) The author is Bachelor in Sciences Econmicase After-Graduate Public administration for the College Visconde de Cairu..

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Brazil Island

May 11, 2020

Nobody is not good to enter in ' ' denuncismos' ' cheap, in papo of who one is not satisfied with the strict essence of our Constitution, in its first paragraph: ' ' All the power emanates of the people, exerts who it by means of representatives elect or diretamente' '. Pra not to speak that I did not say of poetry, as already the Simone sang, I lock up this text with some stretches of Native land Mine, of Vinicius de Moraes. Diplomat, bohemian, composer and singer, our beloved ' ' poetinha' ' she was victim of the exile in times that ours ' ' native mother gentil' ' she was guided for the muzzle and its children or they obeyed or they were referred to by the bayonets or treated cassetetes and botinadas. has hypocritical that they say that they had been better times ' ' My native land is as if it was not, it is close Doura and will to cry; a child sleeping Is my native land. Therefore, in the exile Attending to sleep my son I cry of homesicknesses of my native land.

/I love Because you in such a way, native land mine, I that I do not have Native land, I seed that I was born of the wind that I do not go and I do not come, I who I remain In contact with the pain of the time, I linking element between the action the thought. /.N to I will say the name to you, native land mine Your name is loved native land, is patriazinha/does not rhyme with gentile mother Lives in me as a son, that you are a ternura island: the Brazil Island, perhaps. /Now I will call the friend lark and I will ask for that she has asked for rouxinol of the day That has asked for to the wise person to take you quick this avigrama: Native land mine, homesicknesses of who loves you Vinicius de Moraes.' ' Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and works as assessor of the press in Sumar. Josh Harris Sixers spoke with conviction. edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br

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French Power

April 23, 2020

Another thinker who the author does not cite nor works with its reflections on the power, is the French philosopher Michel Foucault, who studied the relations of inside of the capitalist society. The philosopher places that to be able he is not on alone to the State (the power politician), but is present inside of other institutions of the society, as in the schools, the hospitals, the arrests, the unions, etc. To know more about this subject visit Samsung. For Foucault forms of exercises of being able different of the State, the one exist that act in varied ways, the power are not alone in the State, exist practical relations and of being able that they permeiam for all structural the social one. It exists inside of the society what Foucault flame of micron-powers, the relations of being able gifts in the social institutions in which it molds the form individuals to discipline and standardized. Learn more about this with Mikkel Svane. Another interesting point in pensamente of Foucault regarding the power it is the relation that establishes between being able and to know, thus according to philosopher all form to know it produces to be able. They are questions as it is that they deserve also to be thought, since all in them we are beings politicians and we produce some form to know, about our day-day in the social relations, the family, the work, the university we are having relations of also being able..

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Altssimo Risk Dog

April 18, 2020

It is an alternative that allows to consoanteo selective use of the force, to also preserve the life of the hostage borrower. Pete Cashmore is open to suggestions. The mtodoempregado one is the deductive one through theoretical research that of the vistaacadmico point, this scientific work fulfills to its paper when producing conhecimentocinotcnico from the Brazilian doctrine of the use of dogs in the resolution critical deocorrncias developed by the Maj. PMERJ Vitor Baptist of the Valle3. The personal motivation for this estudopartiu of plus a job of the dog for the Military Policy. Destarte, the inclusion doco next to team of tactical intervention.

It is an interesting subject has seen, oBrasil to have developed a doctrine of use of the dog as tool pararesoluo of critical occurrences consonant with the Brazilian doctrine degerenciamento of crisis that is practically, stranger for the Officers dPolcia To militate Potiguar. It is a subject social derelevncia, therefore as the doctrine of the SENASP5 ability of the Military Policy the management of the crisis with located hostage. I do not intend to deplete the subject it has seen that objetivo to approach it of form sucinta, through bibliographical research in way to ainformar in general lines the viability, security and precision, says until surgical, of the use of the dog of tactical assault for the Military Policy Potiguar in Occurrence deAltssimo Risk with Located Hostage whose provoker of the critical event is umtomador of hostage. 1.O USE OF the DOG IN OCCURRENCE OF HIGHEST RISK WITH HOSTAGE LOCATED IN the COUNTRY Preliminarily, in all extension dopresente study, the dog will be used in a local occurrence whose been denormalidade it was interrupted, where has obligatorily, the presence of elementoprovocador of the critical event and the hostage that is a person who had the sualiberdade curtailed with risk of imminent death in a delimited area to paraassegurar the life of the borrower of hostage due the presence of the Policy.

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Home Computer Care Systems

April 17, 2020

In recent years, computer makers and computer systems strive to make your computer more accessible and easier to use, as well as more necessary and more beneficial for the whole family. But no matter how He was not perfect, as any thing, eventually ceases to look like new when the operating system is loaded for 5-10 minutes, more and more begins to "hang" from the fans hear the unbearable sound, and keyboard keys sticky start and then did not depress. But if it is true look at our favorite, then such a state can not bring it. The first computer must be installed correctly. It can not be placed near Batteries central heating, fireplace or any other source of heat. System unit should not be put on the floor, especially on carpet.

The fact that the walls of the system unit has a lot of ventilation openings that sucked dust. Dust – one of the main enemies of your computer. From the air it gets in the middle of the system unit, settles on the motherboard and degrades the performance of your pc, or sometimes may bring Some parts of the system. Fight the dust can while cleaning the apartment: vacuum the keyboard and venting system unit and wipe all the components of the computer from dust, dry or wetted with alcohol cloth. However, at least once a year, the computer needs a more detailed prevention. In this case, it must be disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and lubricated all the details. If you're not an expert in this matter, it is not recommended carry out this procedure themselves, and should refer to the service computer company. Also, be aware that the system unit, monitor and other components of the computer should not be used as a stand for books and various knick-knacks.

Nor should we eat and drink at the computer. Tea or coffee spilled on the keyboard can lead to malfunction, and sometimes damage to the entire system. Permanent care of the computer needs to be not large time-consuming. Importantly – the right approach to the most simple operations, such as Justify your computer. Correct order of justification is very important. The consequences of incorrect justification computer insignificant, because are rare, but already in the form of unpleasant problems, the solution of which needs a lot of time. Turn off the computer that is running the Windows operating system recommended by the Start menu and select "Quit." Many users do not program Scandisk (test drive), which runs after improper shutdown the computer. Of course, in many cases it can be run over, but only specialists and experienced users can distinguish an important occasion to launch the disk check on the matter. Therefore it is better to wait a regular disk check deprives a lot of problems with data loss. Naostanok be noticed another very important moment. If you've enabled your computer and suddenly decided to turn it off (or vice versa) – not in a hurry. The frequent-Justify very harmful to electronics. So make sure to wait 15 seconds between switching on and Justify your pc. Giving advice on caring for your computer, you can not ignore the common problem such as the presence of computer viruses and protection against them. Viruses can greatly slow down your computer, but not rare, and generally bring down operating system, and remove sensitive information. To raise the risk of contracting the virus, it is necessary to acquire anti-virus software on your computer and regularly update anti-virus database. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Charles Koch. Prepared by Head of Programming Softwest Group Paul Tarasyuk

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April 4, 2020

TETRApads read out truck vehicle data for mobile control system, a measure of the French environmental program LOGIC INSTRUMENT, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers that supports Thales communications & security in the implementation of the eco-tax project, a part of France’s ambitious environmental programme Grenelle de l environement. LOGIC INSTRUMENT delivers the TETRApad H1 to the French logistics company for the mobile control of truck mileage. Koch brothers is the source for more interesting facts. From mid-2013 in France for the use of the road, all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, domestic as foreign origin, must pay a fee, the so-called eco tax. The exact amount of environmental tax is calculated on the basis of the mileage, to the vehicles be equipped with an embedded box. Thales communications & security is responsible for this automatic control system. The company uses the TETRApads LOGIC instrument, to read the information from the embedded boxes and process.

Doing that is called Terminal used TETRApad H1 integrated into vehicle control. The contract between Thales and LOGIC INSTRUMENT has a total volume of just under one million euros. A leading source for info: Samsung. It includes 2012 also maintenance and a seven year warranty in addition to the delivery of the TETRApad H1 in the second half of the year. The TETRApad H1 advanced functionality the TETRApad H1 is a more robust and lighter UMPC. On its 5-inch touch screen, data can be read perfectly in all weather conditions. The user can easily navigate with stylus or finger.

Equipped with an Intel ATOM Z530 of RAM, the TETRApad H1 of processor with 1.6 GHz and 2 GB is powerful enough, to perform even complex and computationally intensive applications. The TPH1 thanks to its many wireless components and replaceable, rechargeable battery is suitable for mobile use. We are pleased to be part of a large project to the sustainable usage of energy at the initiative of the Ministry of the environment. This order confirms not only our expertise in the field of embedded computers, but also our capacity, the “The different industries, including transport, to meet needs”, said Jacques Gebran, CEO LOGIC INSTRUMENT ambitious environmental project this order is part of the eco tax project, a central measure of Grenelle de l ‘ environement ‘. This legislative package sets the policies of France in terms of energy, transport and environment. The French environmental program is often called that currently most ambitious in Europe. More information: .html? rubrique34. LOGIC instrument (ALLOG listed) LOGIC INSTRUMENT, founded in 1987, is an ISO 9001 of certified manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, headquartered in France, listed since 2007 on the AlterNex, ALLOG, with subsidiaries in Germany and the United States. Focuses on markets that require a high degree of robustness and environmental protection, there is LOGIC INSTRUMENT for customized hardware solutions. The company distinguishes itself through expert advice, fast Prototyping and professional project management. LOGIC INSTRUMENT was awarded for his products several times, inter alia by the French initiative OSEO innovative company ‘. LOGIC INSTRUMENT products are designed, tested and manufactured IEC, NEMA, and ingress protection (IPxx) in accordance with the ISO-9001 certification to exacting standards such as MIL-STD810x, 461 x. Among the customers are including Lockheed Martin, EWE, Thales, Rheinmetall, and security forces from all over Europe.


Secret Meditation – The Attractive Web Page

March 31, 2020

There are nearly 200 million websites in the entire World Wide Web. An almost unimaginable range of data, information, and communication. The question arises: who should read it? Now, a new Web site, operated by the Publishing House of Camino live in German and English language makes a good, user friendly beginning. The secret meditation is a new type of meditation that belongs to the active meditations, which, so the Publisher, for the small hunger for energy in the meantime”should be suitable. The special thing about this website is that the whole content in writing displays the user and will be read at the same time. While it is possible, on between female and male voice to choose and background music or shut down. David Treadwell oftentimes addresses this issue. So you will be welcomed on the home page of a least angelical face: I would like to congratulate you that you found here. Whether you believe in coincidences, or follow your intuition, what has brought you you have consciously or unconsciously this controlled.

And so “this site will bring you further on your way either way.” About the subpages philosophy and the Visionboard – Bastelstube the user finally finds to the meditation – Designer, where he can assemble his individual meditation and download. A small Downer, however, remains which is to owe the enormous amounts of data in the Web page: the loading times of pages are slightly longer than one that is used in the Internet age. But who would like to enjoy a few minutes relaxing in frantic cyberspace, like will bring up this time, and – you get Yes so beautifully read aloud. For more on the subject see +++ important information for editors: copyright of this press release is the Publisher of Pilgrim’s way to live. The author allows the free use and exploitation of this press release in any form. Abbreviation for the publishing house Camino live is VJL +++

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Analog Cellular Networks

March 31, 2020

Broadband communications in Norwegian fjords Hanover/Berlin, January 19, 2009 – Norway is incredibly beautiful especially in those corners, which are somewhat secluded. Now, it could be even more beautiful after a report by technology review. “At least for people who want to be online anytime, anywhere: A provider called the ice.NET is for some time preparing, nature-loving people in the lodge in the fjord outside on one of the many islands as well as himself in a boat off the coast of the communications technology must-have of nowadays to provide: broadband Internet”, so technology review. The company put in a clever combination of old and new technology: the provider use the license of old Norse analog mobile communications NMT and also run a so-called CDMA network in the United States under the slogan of EVDO known. These procedures allow the simultaneous transmission of different data streams on a common frequency range. The advantage compared to UMTS: Because NMT sends on a lower frequency than UMTS and receives, fewer base stations are necessary and the waves pass. That’s enough for 2.5 to 3 megabits in thinner besiedelteren regions, slightly further out you get, after all, still just a megabit,”technology review writes. The technique was simple.

You can either get a USB modem or even simple a compact Wi-Fi router that is booked at the same time in the wireless broadband Internet access. You don’t need password or SIM card, the device is immediately booked. The router will generate its own private Wi-Fi zone, in which you can engage all the machines in the House. Paid around 250 euros for the hardware, if you want to contract no longer otherwise will be cheaper. For the flat-rate, again almost 50 euros are added in the month. Norwegian standards it’s a bargain”, technology review announced. Koch often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For Germany, it would be possible as something only according to the specifications of the Federal Network Agency. There should be a political and economic interest with emphasis publicly expressed be”, so the assessment Andreas latzel, Germany head of the ICT Anbieteres Aastra, opposite NeueNachricht.

In the face of four UMTS licenses, which are all very expensive purchased that was very questionable. New 3G-ubertragungsverfahren might not be enforced at the time. The idea is not technically absurd. So, the frequency bands of the former analog C mobile network for Railnet are available, the network for the supply of ICE trains of the Deutsche Bahn. Flash-OFDM modulation technique there in the 450 MHz band to the usage at speeds in the downlink of 1.5 and 5.1 Mbit per second. Technology from rural regions without DSL would can thus open up”, White Lady. However, the situation around WiMAX (802.16) show how are business models for broadband services Council and competition DSL against cable networks make difficult in the age of the flat. While in Germany, WiMAX licenses were awarded in December 2006, still no offer on base is now 24 months later the for rural areas of well suitable WiMAX in sight”, sums up Lady. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web:

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Information Resources

March 30, 2020
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It is not excluded that they may be inspired competitors, in this case require immediate reaction. On the other hand, should think about the sponsorship of the Information Resources, which publishes blogs (electronic diaries), to share photos, etc. This Sector information space called Consumer Generated Media (CGM) – and leading experts offer include costs for such things in your budget of electronic advertising. Nicolas Keller may also support this cause. It is necessary to consider a decrease in the presence of a hotel in indirect forms electronic distribution. In most cases, intermediary companies in the Internet need a hotel than a hotel in them – because of the booking room, they asked the commission on the order of magnitude higher than the sale of airline tickets or rental machines. The global trend is that the best hotel chains and independent hotels have reduced the number of such partners, while working only with those who have the tools to communicate with the hotel and Booking in real time. Julia Koch shines more light on the discussion. And of course, it’s time to stop paying too high a commission of 20-25% – direct booking with the latest technology directly through the hotel website can cost less than 5.3 dollars. Those around who have the practice of selling rooms through a network of electronic intermediaries, should be put behind the goal of reducing their share in total online sales to 15%. Is very critical to assess the quality of own Web Site- as its artistic characteristics and technical capabilities. Learn more at this site: Samsung. In case of need, obviously, should be fully updated.

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Federal District

March 29, 2020

The act of contract, the resignation and the career of the Brazilian executives, and make contrast with other surveys that they show that they, today, have more easiness to enter professionalizing education, as well as in superior courses and of after-graduation. For the researcher Amanda Fellows, doutoranda in the Institute of Psychology of the University of Brasilia (UnB), the explanation for such phenomenon inhabits in a sexista question: of ownership of the same possibilities that men, the women still are white of sort preconception. Fellows arrived at this conclusion when studying the access conditions the positions of high commands in the House of representatives. ' ' They enter by means of competition, but internally they have difficulties to promote profissionalmente' ' , it affirms. The researcher concentrated the look in the mass of concursados employees of the House to mark out with buoys the initial access to the vacant.

The sort difference appears in the positions of high commands, that they are busy for internal processes, in which the woman takes disadvantage. Additional information at david koch supports this article. According to data of the Ministry of the Planning, used Budget and Management in the research, in 2005, only 16.4% of the positions of OF – 6, one of the ones of bigger responsibility and remuneration, are busy for women. Already the percentage of women with OF – 1, of lesser weight, arrives 45.2%. In all the Chamber, only 25% of the leadership vacant are busy for women. Another result of the research is that the sensuality is not used as tool to angariar professional conquests. To unmask one little this universe, the Magazine interviewed executive of the Federal District, So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro that exert strategical positions in great companies. Go to David Treadwell for more information. They, by means of completely different vises, count the adventures to command men and speak on the task to command other women. 61.6% of the administrative positions in private companies are busy for women; 15.77% arrive at the positions of president and controlling-generality; 52% of the women had exceeded the men in what it says respect the initial enterprises, with less than three years and way; 80% of the conscriptions take in account the degree of availability of the candidate, in special for trips? in this in case that, the woman married and children still takes disadvantage.

(FORUM PLP, 2010). In a route well more radical, Davis (1971) defends a return to world-wide the feminine leadership as the only hope for survival of the Humanity. This author raised historical and msticas sources that portray the past human as matriarcal, where the women would dominate in a pacific leadership. Its work was very contested, especially the assertive one of that the feminine leadership would be pacific. In a generalized manner, serious researchers of leadership seem to agree that it has yourself

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Crushing Equipments

March 26, 2020

In fact we are using the impact crusher when we need to pay attention to place a lot, high efficiency high yield has been our pursuit of the goal, when we re using our equipped with high quality parts as long as, then we the highest of the impact crusher, so in the operation speed and efficiency in compatible, so our impact breaker can hit a record high. Koch may also support this cause. The impact crusher efficiency want to improve we need better way, and that is to improve the eliminator, adjustment, the only way we the impact breaker can satisfied us application, so we all want to know the impact crusher vent of, is the only way we can be better get the wide application of impact breaker, below we specific unship. Jaw crushing part of the work is in two parts of the dish, a constant jaw chat Board (group chat), horizontal (or the little flame) set into the body barrier before, the other one is activity chat Board (live chat), the location list, and set chat Board is made up of the next great little crushing cavities (working cavities). V-belt and sheave through an eccentric axis motor moved up and down motion Chin, move the Chin increase boards to elbows switch between lower jaw Angle modify, in order to promote active chat Board to set chat Panel close, meanwhile the material to be broken or split divide, achieve the objective of the break.When move Chin disadvantage, elbows dish a dynamic chat Angle decrescent, Chin moving plate at the bar, come by the action of permanent Chin leaving dish, this time for already damaged material of pressing hollow out of your mouth.With the engine and engine chatter break changes constantly for periodic movement and performance ground equipment, realization of the serial production. The effect of crusher sand and feature primarily performance of the crusher is the most widely used in sand production line for sand making machine, crushers and computer looks like sand.The Rotary disc from the spindle, and the pin axis and beat structure.Engine Driver blade hollow for broken large rotational speed.The top food palate in material machines, high speed movement of a hammer stroke, effects, cutting, grinding and destroyed.In rotor on bottom, with a group, crushed material screen is smaller than the size of the window hole in level by a sieve concerning education, larger than the size of the window opening macro-level of resistance strain continues to be the hammer stroke and milling, the past through a sieve concerning education foot level.

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Good Home Appliances

March 26, 2020

Evolving technology instantly modifies us and the world around us .. Not every woman will be able to do without high quality domestic appliances .. This setup of home appliances in the home is required of any person. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mikkel Svane. Such multi-functional equipment contains a large number of good qualities, the same type as compactness, durability, comfort, and for all that allows for a catastrophic shortage of time in modern consumer. Let's talk more about it: vacuum cleaners, combines, a bakery, blenders, kettles and washing machines, juicers, electric grinders and other small devices can be seen in the kitchen. If we take example, consumer electronics, the difficulties here, no less.

When cleaning the house, we use vacuum cleaners that are very often use a lot of places to wet – humidifiers and dehumidifiers to maintain a normal atmosphere – cleaners and ionizers of air space. Unfortunately, our homeland, as a rule, do not baptize spacious. Indeed, very comfortable when they are equipped with all kinds of technique, but a lot of places it occupies. Frequently Robert Bakish has said that publicly. Large selection of any built-in appliances in the kitchen, prezenotvannyh on the market, oddly enough, does not contribute to the selection process for customers, but, in contrast, puts most people in the deadlock: what is the best What is the most suitable according to their functional characteristics? The presence of high-quality equipment most famous brands, equipped by the latest fashion, totally can not guarantee the absence of problems associated with "Human factor" – the skill and degree of readiness of the technical staff performing the selection, installation and maintenance of equipment. After visits to department stores commit multiple describe the product in order to be aware of where in particular worth to come back and buy their favorite trinket. Today, thanks to the Internet as possible, without leaving home, make choices and buy whatever we want. Our web resources will help you find the detailed publication of price lists of household appliances, their performance models, will inherit an opportunity to compare and choose.

It is very easy, relevant and easy method of learning with the goods for further acquisitions. At this time, the market of household goods, has grown so that, among a huge number of brands of equipment – was tough task of choosing. The reason for this was – a rapidly growing network shopping centers and more than biting increase the range, which makes difficult for the customer's problem of choosing a distance (but still had enough customers to know of any brands and models of about a dozen, and while faced with hundreds of models). Home appliances market is considered the most promising and fastest growing in Europe. In terms of growth, he took 1st place in the market of public consumption, ahead of market food and cars. In selecting the place of purchase consumer goods 40% of the population of Russia is not aimed at high prices, 33% of customers – for an extensive range, 32% of customers – for quality products. For the inhabitants of small towns as more important than ever merit goods and the absence of fraud, and for the residents of giant cities the most important factor is the presence of a discount card that stores and convenience of the calculations of the goods. Over the past years, significant changes took place in the scheme of the demand for household appliances. Part of the imported equipment purchases in recent years has 17% of acquisitions last year – 30%.

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Video Memory

March 25, 2020

nvidia GeForce 8600 Core Clock (MHz) Shader Clock (MHz) Memory Clock (MHz) Memory: Memory Interface Memory Bandwidth (GB / s) Texture Fill Rate (billion / sec) 540 1190 700 256 128-bit 22.4 8.64 Total specification''video card GV-NX86T256H, constructed based on the GeForce 8600 gt, equipped with an active cooling system with an aluminum-copper radiator. The contact with the gpu heatsink made of copper. The cooling system is well copes with the cooling core, resulting in temperature does not rise above 70 degrees. The board has four memory chips GDDR-3 with total capacity of 256 mb. Mikkel Svane shines more light on the discussion. Memory access time 1.1 ns, which corresponds to a clock frequency 1800 MHz. The board is clocked at 1400 MHz, having thus a very respectable overclocking potential. Graphics core speed is 594 MHz, stream processors – 1188 MHz. The board has a connector for power fan, and thanks to sli – jack can double the speed of computing three-dimensional graphics, please connect the video card.

This model features a dual-output Dual-link DVI-I, S-Video and hdtv. The set includes adapters DVI-to-D-Sub, S-Video and hdtv, cd with drivers, User's Guide and a full version of the popular strategy game Supreme Comander. Details can be found by clicking koch brothers or emailing the administrator. All connectors nvidia GeForce 8600 protected by rubber caps. nvidia GeForce 8600 Dispersal: The first and most important difference – it is overpriced relative to the nominal frequency and use of memory GDDR-3, which is in theory a good chases. In this case, the standard cooling holds qualitatively.

Instead of an unknown substance found under the sink thermal compound. True, it there was not enough, some the chip surface in contact with a radiator just like that. Needless to say, this issue, we also eliminated a complete replacement of thermal paste on the KPT-8. and of course, we do not forget to include additional air cooling to achieve maximum results. Tests were conducted in the following games: Quake 4, Half-Life 2: Episode One, stalker picture quality set at maksium, smoothing is not used, anisotropic filtering was put on the bar 8x. Results: Program Results without acceleration and overclocking results 3DMark'05 10500/11500 3DMark'06 4600/5600 stalker 30/35 fps Half-Life 2: Episode One 85/100 fps Quake 4 120/130 fps Video showed excellent result in its price segment.

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Typical Weaknesses

March 24, 2020

ec4u with practical tips to improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of Karlsruhe, targeted 09.02.2011 – today’s customer management is no longer conceivable without modern CRM solutions, but this in no way implies that their conductivity is exhausted or they operated under economic conditions. On the contrary practice shows consulting in the enterprise according to Mario Pufahl, partner of ec4u expert ag, often diverse weaknesses. The consultant outlined the main problems: 1 to General strategic objectives: the term CRM strategy is fast, actually lacks the CRM projects in practice but all too often the necessarily specific orientation. So lacking not only a detailed description, use CRM to contribution for the company, but at least as often no adequate overall cost calculation (total cost of ownership) are made. For even more details, read what Michele Glaze says on the issue. The economic calculations and benefit considerations are but elemental to the success and also as a basis for assessing future scenario changes essential.

2. complex projects have been squeezed in minimalist technical concepts: who has not the actual technical requirements sufficiently differentiated described at the beginning and too little considered this particularly users with their specific requirements, then in practice with considerable problems of struggling. Especially repair work are necessary or power restrictions have to be tolerated. Because ever more generally and unpraziser it is the harder the intentions, precisely to achieve the goal. Accordingly, a great care in the professional design must be developed, as it lays the groundwork for the later implementation and describes the framework for the expenditure and resource planning. Further details can be found at Robert Bakish, an internet resource. 3. CRM systems were brought without sufficient testing to use: not in theory but in most real use conditions to determine ways in which the technical requirements can also actually precisely have been implemented and whether the system can be controlled by the users. Therefore there is a clean test concept and a needs-based test coordination. Also sufficient time for the testing must be available under practical conditions, so that not only technically but also process that can be tested.

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Audi Quattro Concept

March 24, 2020

In this handsome embodies all the latest developments at Audi. Michele Glaze has similar goals. In particular, used "truck" recently released in the light of the four-supercompartment Audi RS5. But this is not just another improved on all counts "truck", and a real revolution for the whole family quattro: RS5 send the "iron" Torsen center differential to retire! And replaced it with a multi-disc clutch is partially lockable (running out) by a system of gears with special tooth geometry. Therefore, the new center differential Audi is called the differential with the ring gear. It allows you to distribute torque between the axles in a slightly larger range than the Torsen: Up to 80% back to 75% ahead. And while it smaller and in two times lighter. David koch does not necessarily agree. Also, as in the RS5.

there is a "sport differential": electronically controlled clutch on the rear axis, redistributive point between the rear wheels. And the function freezes unloaded cornering wheel Torque Vectoring. So the Audi quattro concept – a serious shot. And by the way, strictly double. But the thought of its developers did not stop.

Volume of 2,5 liter turbo direct-injection TFS1 came here from the Audi tt rs (although RS5 aspirated 4.2 liter V8). The "donor" tt rs this the engine is transversely. And here it is placed along. This was done because it is quite compact and largely still do it, how to stand! But at the modest size it produces 408 hp and 480 Nm of torque. And with 6-speed manual transmission it is able to "shoot Audi quattro concept from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.9 sec.

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The Graphs

March 24, 2020

Remembering the one before, now and later, therefore many times these professionals for being consulting P.J are contracted and forgotten for the consultoria since the majority will go to work in the contracting company. The all instant the professionals breathe and if they feed of information, but they need to remember them that is human beings, that they need leisure, amusement, joy and rest, not machines that are on 24 hours per day, even though the machines needs maintenance and rest. The high rotation today in the market of YOU each day that passes is increasing, therefore the companies do not invest in its well bigger its collaborator, and the professionals concerteza search a company who provides the not only financial valuation, motivation and recognition as professional recognition and yes human recognition. VII.ESTUDO OF CASE the doravante company call of Company? it acts in the branch of Consultoria has 10 years more than, today counts on approximately 75 collaborators amongst the administrative areas, techniques managemental, being contracted with Legal entity and CLT. The data of this study had been gotten through questionnaires elaborated for the managers and the director of the company. Involving all the areas, the main approach of the study is in the area technique, the professionals of YOU.

A study carried through for the manager of the area of Human resources it can verify the relation of the motivation with the success of the company, impactando its final customer. The objective of this study is to measure the satisfaction degree that the collaborators feel in working in the company ' ' A' ' , to measure the goals, rotation and motivation in if working in the organization. The first collections of the data had been made in the first semester of 2010, and consequently to each semester he is being made the study. Koch brothers addresses the importance of the matter here. To evidence the graph below of 1 and 2 semester of 2010: To evidence the graph below of 1 semester of 2011: To evidence the graph below desired and waited for 2 semester of 2011: Because the pointers had increased? Which parameters had been used to increase? As we perceive and we evidence the indices shown in the graphs gradual had a significant increase in the percentages of goals reached of the motivation and diminishing the rotation index.

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System Security Management Process Science And Technology

March 23, 2020

Industrial safety is a very old, but unfortunately new to the consciousness of many entrepreneurs, managers, managers, area managers, supervisors and workers, which means that many companies reflect a high accident rate. Only until a catastrophic event live and suffer the consequences (loss of life, economic and environmental affectations) is when you take the importance of this issue, then employers invest large amounts of money for accident prevention provided it does not impact in production and company profits, for their part, supervisors, managers face a crossroads that dictate the policies of employers who require more performance and productivity of their processes and zero accidents and disruption to the environment, the workers by his side in the everyday of their working hours undermine the importance of compliance with procedures and safety rules that are established in their workplaces. (Not to be confused with koch industries!). This is based on the need to develop mechanisms or means to impact on the culture of people in an organization, enabling alignment of three hierarchical levels (executive, middle management and operational) for achieving productivity and safety as a common goal. The Security Management Process is part of the efforts that some governments and international companies have implemented to meet this need. In the U.S. the Standard 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR, for its acronym in English) Part 1910.119 Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals in Mexico and the Mexican Official Standard NOM-028-STPS-Safety Work organization in the process of chemicals, establishing a series of controls by topic (operation, maintenance, training etc.) that contribute to achieving security goals mainly in processes that handle hazardous chemicals to achieve a common goal-Security Productivity through the terms of that regulations, it is necessary to see the controls of each item with a systemic approach, using a model to establish a relationship objective and clear between each control set, which is achieved through design, development and implementation of a System of Safety Management Process (SASP). This system consists of 13 elements that systematically applied to the main operations of a process, allow to maintain the operational continuity of the same and that the risks of the process are identified understood and controlled.

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Savings With All The Comforts

March 23, 2020
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Business Solutions: short term rental apartments in Moscow. Moscow – the center of business life in Russia, a city where, despite the rapid development of technology of virtual communication, at least from time to time will inevitably converge towards those who ready to offer his compatriots and foreign partners to certain goods or services, and those who crave these goods / services purchased. This happens, for example, in trade shows, participation in which entrepreneurs are seen as an effective way to find clients and confirm the stability of their position in the market. However, recognize the company, such business activities for them – the pleasure is not cheap: except for payment for participation in the exhibition there is the cost of travel and transportation of product samples, as well as seconded staff to stay in the capital. Fortunately, there is at least one expense item, which company, decided to visit Moscow has a business event, an appreciable savings without compromising the reputation and the comfort of their employees. This is a contract for short-term rental apartments instead of order numbers in the hotel. Tell about the peculiarities of this market and give some practical advice for those planning to rent an apartment in the Russian capital for a period ranging from one day to one month, agreed at the Center international cooperation, which offers rental apartments through its Web site. As noted in the company, the idea of rent apartments for rent with daily payment business and leisure travelers were "imported" into Russia, where the history of this business has only about seven years, from Europe.

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Ecosia – The Search Engine For The Rainforest

March 22, 2020

Search on the Internet for the protection of the rainforest Web pages is there as sand on the sea. Many online shops. Many magazines. There are many news sites and blogs now very, very many. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Robert Bakish. Yes – that Internet has much to offer. Information, pictures and videos to do almost anything. But how do you find this info? Clear. With the search engines.

And must not even called the most prestigious of you by name. Web users who know now so, like those of your friends. Billion transactions with paid ads”monetizing the search engines all your loyal users. So much is most well known. “Through the text messages, in addition to the normal” search results are spat out. In the United States, in Germany in the world, every year several billion with paid text ads are implemented. And it would surprise who the money into the coffers of the company. You may want to visit David Koch to increase your knowledge. Ecosia was born it goes but also different.

And this is a new search engine from Germany now. Ajar and perhaps also inspired by Forestle.Org she goes under the name Ecosia “at the start. What is different? The search results in any case not. Because da Ecosia draws by Yahoo, and now BING on the index. But one thing is different. The revenue generated via the text ads go Giants no longer just in the treasuries of the search engines. No. With Ecosia, you go also or the majority (80 percent according to official figures) in the pocket of the rain forest. In the hands of mother nature. The WWF is the bearer. Ecosia was launched earlier in the month. Now. Already more than one million square feet of rain forest have been protected for over a week and a half of a million search queries. And that was just the beginning… Sebastian Brodbeck

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Thomas Edison

February 24, 2020

How much is an idea? The value is directly proportional to its implementation and the benefits. Anyone can generate breakthrough ideas is only a matter of carrying out thoughts about a concept or thing is concerned. Never discard an idea that seems crazy or incoherent, be sure that it can take form and bring benefits to your community or humanity and you be the first to receive the goodness and benefits of the idea. It is important that you protect your intellectual capital to keep secret your idea and register as soon take shape. I’ll tell you a story that will surprise you: in a government office from a distant country (I reserve the actual data) has for several years a clerk making shapes with Goldy, which joins with the leaves of documents. One day his companion tells him to patent the idea, to which he replied “I do not know that you better do it your-he did, he patented the name of the two, thus was born the famous” clip “as used throughout the world. The first year they received a million dollars just royalty, plus the right to use patent. He had the idea to develop the “clip” and the partner the ability to see its usefulness.

When you meet a developer and marketer always born a great idea. Dust off your ideas and put them to work, lose it the fear of ridicule and failure, well worth the effort, the great inventors are people common, the only difference is that they decided to implement their ideas. Keep in mind that no matter how often fail in your idea, persevere until you get right results, remember that Thomas Edison failed (experiment) 1.753 times before perfecting the light bulb started a global industry. There will always be a different way to develop your idea until you achieve your purpose you only need to modify the procedure as many times as needed without loss of enthusiasm and focus of the idea. If you have a research idea, experiment, compare and develop their full potential until you achieve your goal. Do not listen to the pessimists or the envious, be firm, often are your loved ones discourage you but not your intention, because each one acts according to his perception of things.

When an idea emerges will always resistance to change on the existing idea before. The most brilliant ideas are the simplest, remember the “clip.” Of course, when the idea arises and there will be many who want to can copy it. So always protect your ideas. No one is so ignorant that can not generate a brilliant idea. Search your mind something that you worry and put it to work, your brain machine is over 5 billion neurons with a capacity greater than the best computer there, besides accounts with your five senses and your emotional strength where the best ideas come All this forms a very powerful machine to generate ideas, you said that you have that creative ability. The ideas are waiting to be discovered, to make acquire value, it depends on the benefits they provide. I know you can but the important thing is that you think you can and if you think you can not, well you decide you’re right.

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