Reading process

August 27, 2012

It is necessary to provoke the encantamento for the reading process and to diminish the time of contact of the children with the book. The contact with the written text is a magical experience. In the measure where the being finds the direction of that text, such magician if carries through. The brightness of the […]

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Finding Niches

August 21, 2012

The main work that we have the industralists of Internet, is to define clearly which is the market which we want to follow and if it is worth the pain or not to concentrate in that niche of market. Because if it is not worth the pain, then simply I must look for another one, […]

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The Pupils

August 15, 2012

Which the paper of the professor of Portuguese language, ahead of this picture, since the reading and the writing are being stimulated for the technological innovations? The reply it can be atrelada to the relation between the linguistic varieties and the literal sorts. The field of the research of the emergent literal sorts in the […]

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