Page Web

December 13, 2017

But To that it must this? Near 95% of the companies that they have a page Web do not worry in the importance of the design, the other 5% knows as it must be designed his page Web and the benefits that will be able to obtain from her. The world of the Internet is […]

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DES Making

February 10, 2015

4. Indcale why it is important that it corrects his conduct. This will help you much to depersonalize the correction, that is to say, he will understand that if you are drawing him attention he is not because he falls to you bad or you want because it to bother, but because it is within […]

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The Results

June 12, 2014

At present, the pharmaceutical industry has developed to powerful protectors with IP very superiors like +50 or 90. This in theory, would leave prote’ge’ to the individual during many hours without to have to worry about the application of a new dose, but actually this is not thus and must be avoided the prolonged exhibition. […]

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Samuel Akinin Levy

November 26, 2012
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Finding Niches

August 21, 2012

The main work that we have the industralists of Internet, is to define clearly which is the market which we want to follow and if it is worth the pain or not to concentrate in that niche of market. Because if it is not worth the pain, then simply I must look for another one, […]

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