Canadian Homes

August 12, 2015

As far as all the same terrible shortcomings of Canadian homes? Fires occur in any home. The consequences could be catastrophic fire, regardless of the wall material. And the brick houses burned so that the walls were cracked. The very possibility that the house burns down, afraid of any normal human being. For some reason, the stone walls soothe. Paradox: fire fear everything, but in the vast majority of private homes or apartments do not have conventional fire extinguisher.

Most in the trunk of a car fire extinguisher carry only the traffic police inspector, or go to TO, even though cars are very fuel – a fuel that costs. Now imagine a hypothetical situation: all the cars go by non-flammable fuel (electric vehicles, for example), and someone suddenly invented and began to market a cheaper car with a gasoline engine. How much would it talk about the fire these cars? And the horror stories about how someone is burned in a car during an accident? You would have sat down in a car? If funds allow, it is unlikely. Now, what engine your car? Just used as are used to Canadian homes in Canada, USA and many other countries. Fortunately, the car example is too much. In the case of Canadian technology is more appropriate analogy to the car with additional thermal insulation as an option. Class structural fire safety of homes of SIP-K3 panels, like wooden houses. However, the material that supports the burning house in Canada is much lower than in normal wood.

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