How To Make Your First Web

September 15, 2014

All persons who have created any Web pages, once in a lifetime, we raised the question of how, software and technology that finally choose and where to start. This article aims to at least take the first steps to a good choice. There are different languages in the world of Web design and programming, but the first and indispensable, is the HTML, (currently being unused so from now, use XHTML. Then explain that is), another things to keep in mind is a language that allows us to interact with the browser dynamically and effectively, by the user’s computer, this language is JavScript (subsequently explained that it is and its use), and finally a good language on the server side to get content from BDD (Databases), there are different variants of server-side languages among them we can find, ASP, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, etc … Before we get down to programming is necessary to have the necessary software to do so This software can be anything from a plain text editor (I recommend notepad crimsoneditor) to a much more sophisticated program (although at the same time more comfortable).

P robablemente Dreamweaver is the best Web page editor for designers looking for professional results. At the same time we must make several decisions, where we host our website, as we shall call the Web and to whom it is directed.

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