The future of images

October 11, 2019

When thinking about the future of images we must look to the future about what will mean the number of photos that we will take a few years. Because very soon we can meet the need of handling thousands of pictures and say nothing if we go long term, of which they can be. These software solutions also enable us to organize the photos, the poderlas document. At Mikkel Svane you will find additional information. That is, describe that appears in the photo, people who are, the landscape, where it was, etc. This allows us to do in the future research about some specific aspect of a picture and locate it. This is relatively simple, if we take a day, every time you download photos to your computer, documents can be practical and a shared workload. What happens is that this usually does not happen and we find that the best methodology we set out to document the photos from the beginning, we miss almost from the first day and the day we have and want to update a previous workload important as the photos have suddenly become thousands, so that the photos are undocumented. But we have good faith and assume that it takes more or less up to date documentation of our photos and then being able to search on them. yQue system used by most existing programs for organizing and documenting photos? Normally what we do is attach the documentation to the name of a file (the photo) and then in another file, write the documentation in a proprietary database that is only closed for it to be used with this program and stores.

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