October 18, 2011

This time it is possible apply to the device sealing. The procedure works itself. Around the base is removed soil to a depth of 15 – 20 centime. . The resulting trench to fill with mint thick clay, forming the foundation walls of a small slope, then the clay carefully tamped. Clay layer is laid on crushed stone, gravel or brick kolochennogo mixed with sand, this layer also carefully tamped. On top of filling covered with a layer of asphalt or cement-sand solution, "one part Portland cement, 2.4 percentage of sand and about 0.4 share of water." For more gidrostoykosti cemented surfaces are recommended prozheleznit "sprinkle freshly dry cement cement and plaster trowel wipe "or the completion of all construction afterward oblitsevat paving slabs.

Under the eyebrows is to arrange a blind area small stones, which will take not only surface water, and reduce the load on the waterproofing of the underground base percentage. Pebbles "drainage channel" is traditionally made of concrete or sawn along the tube. To protect against the penetration of capillary water in place of the conjugation walls of buildings with base laid waterproofing layer of rolled materials "for example from 2-layers of roofing felts or asphalt mastic waterproofing on." When building a house with a basement "cellar" is especially to take care of Waterproofing basement walls and floor "cellar." If the soil at the construction site dry and the water table is located below the floor level with authority basement, then a sufficient waterproofing the walls is a two-time rendering hot bitumen in the ground that a waterproofing concrete floor is limited to the device preparation and execution of her sexual waterproof flooring of the cement-sand mortar with zhelezneniem. At the level of groundwater water, exceeding the level in the basement, there is a need in the creation of waterproofing membranes. Development of a device such membranes depends on the difference of sex and level of groundwater.

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