Vintage Content

September 29, 2018

What does vintage content? Media are available in countless mass and demand also, how the Internet reveals it for a simple use. For a new recovery on the classical paths and disks the original material but no longer is available without new technical effort. The raw material of historic media is often in a bad state: the contents are yellowed and brittle, or on one for modern devices no longer readable format, so to use it often not more profitably for the rights holder. With a team of highly motivated professionals the team of vintage content new breathes life into the dusty tapes, rolls of film, books, and other media, digitize it and lead them into the digital age. With the restoration and integration into a new use chain a new results economically Situation, since the value of the old rights in restored condition again significantly increases. This appreciation makes it possible later to acquire also further recycling of media to develop new distribution chains.

Vintage in practice currently is traded is still the majority of digital media illegally via file sharing networks. They often have the advantage that they are not only free, but offer a fast and unlimited access to the desired media for the user. Here, in the first step, vintage content relies on the use and benefits of high-performance technology of peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Only a low server overhead creates distributed hosting of the members, so that more capital for the purchase of rights and the restoration of material available is due to the low cost. To work around the problem of piracy and the illegal use, vintage content has developed a tracking software with the painstakingly restored media can be distributed not more free. Use the media to can it needs a paid key, the data is useless without the. Also, this ensures that only supporters of the project with their membership fees in the enjoyment of the recovered material will come.

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