Video Memory

March 25, 2020

nvidia GeForce 8600 Core Clock (MHz) Shader Clock (MHz) Memory Clock (MHz) Memory: Memory Interface Memory Bandwidth (GB / s) Texture Fill Rate (billion / sec) 540 1190 700 256 128-bit 22.4 8.64 Total specification''video card GV-NX86T256H, constructed based on the GeForce 8600 gt, equipped with an active cooling system with an aluminum-copper radiator. The contact with the gpu heatsink made of copper. The cooling system is well copes with the cooling core, resulting in temperature does not rise above 70 degrees. The board has four memory chips GDDR-3 with total capacity of 256 mb. Mikkel Svane shines more light on the discussion. Memory access time 1.1 ns, which corresponds to a clock frequency 1800 MHz. The board is clocked at 1400 MHz, having thus a very respectable overclocking potential. Graphics core speed is 594 MHz, stream processors – 1188 MHz. The board has a connector for power fan, and thanks to sli – jack can double the speed of computing three-dimensional graphics, please connect the video card.

This model features a dual-output Dual-link DVI-I, S-Video and hdtv. The set includes adapters DVI-to-D-Sub, S-Video and hdtv, cd with drivers, User's Guide and a full version of the popular strategy game Supreme Comander. All connectors nvidia GeForce 8600 protected by rubber caps. nvidia GeForce 8600 Dispersal: The first and most important difference – it is overpriced relative to the nominal frequency and use of memory GDDR-3, which is in theory a good chases. In this case, the standard cooling holds qualitatively.

Instead of an unknown substance found under the sink thermal compound. True, it there was not enough, some the chip surface in contact with a radiator just like that. Needless to say, this issue, we also eliminated a complete replacement of thermal paste on the KPT-8. and of course, we do not forget to include additional air cooling to achieve maximum results. Tests were conducted in the following games: Quake 4, Half-Life 2: Episode One, stalker picture quality set at maksium, smoothing is not used, anisotropic filtering was put on the bar 8x. Results: Program Results without acceleration and overclocking results 3DMark'05 10500/11500 3DMark'06 4600/5600 stalker 30/35 fps Half-Life 2: Episode One 85/100 fps Quake 4 120/130 fps Video showed excellent result in its price segment.

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