Urban Cleanness

November 3, 2016

According to Deming (1990, p.15) its 14 principles constitute in a method. In accordance with Crosby the 14 principles are: 1. It leaves clearly that the management is compromised to the quality. 2. It forms teams of improvement of the quality with representatives of all departments. 3.

It determines where they are the quality problems, chains and in potential. 4. It evaluates the conscience of quality and the personal concern of all the employees. 5. It raises the conscience of quality and the personal concern of all the employees. 6. It undertakes action to correct the problems identified through the previous steps. 7.

It forms a committee for the zero program defects. 8. It trains the supervisors so that they execute actively its part in the program of improvement of the quality. 9. It creates ' ' one day zero defeitos' ' , so that all the employees understand that it had a change. 10.Encoraje the people to establish same goals of improvement for itself and its groups. Please visit Robotics expert if you seek more information. 11.Encoraje the employees to communicate to the management the obstacles that to find to reach its goals of improvement. 12.Reconhea and values those that participate. 13.Estabelea quality advice who if communicate. 14.Faa everything of new, so that he never finishes. As Juran is 10 points, namely: 1. It creates the conscience of the necessity and the chance to move. 2. It establishes goals for improvements. 3. It is organized to reach the goals (it forms a quality advice, it identifies problems, it selects projects, it nominates teams, it assigns facilitadores). 4. It supplies training. 5. It executes projects to decide problems. 6. It divulges the progressos. 7. It gives recognition. 8. It communicates the results. 9. It keeps a counting system. 10.Incorpore and perfects the systems of the company. 6? Where to apply the Quality the Comlurb, Company of Urban Cleanness of Rio De Janeiro, in the management Mayan Cesar, finished with the department of quality in the company.

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