The Forms

November 22, 2011

After hardening of the forms ready to retrieve tiles. It would seem that nothing could be simpler. But it is worth the purchase form approach is particularly carefully. Those who had never heard of concrete pouring, do not need to know about special lubricant on rasformovochnyh tables and other equipment. All this is important for concrete plants and large plants. At your disposal are the same a weekend or holiday, or a little free time. Therefore, we especially recommend the form of primary polymers, characterized by long life (at least 200 actual fills, or 2-3 years of production), as well as rasformovki easily – the average height of the form does not even need to warm up, not to mention lubrication. When buying them very easy to distinguish the color of plastic – from clear to cloudy – white (but in any case not a dirty, black or mixed with the divorce).

Other forms, of course, fit to fill, the more so when they are buying you'll probably be able to save, but the convenience and safety of your nerve cells, in our opinion, are important too. For the first "Experiments" we recommend that you use the form height to 50 mm and the number of pieces in a square meter of no more than 25-30. Shallow and deep forms of hard and long rasformovyvat without special skills and equipment, and large and low forms will be split with no additional reinforcement or strict adherence to technology. You do not have the same goal to make super strong concrete stamps or special composition – you just need to produce high-quality tile with a minimum of wasted nerves. Therefore it is better to buy two or three varieties of curly forms for paving and curbs. We should not neglect the simple forms. In our experience, from simple forms as rhombs or bricks obtained the most beautiful songs.

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