The Director

December 28, 2014

The next instant he threw himself on the extremist cursed with the intent to get even for the honor of filthy uniform. But vodka is still not understood where he was. Enraged at least a sergeant because someone dared to attack him at the moment so intimate, he punched kicked out insolent, and then calmly completed the job. The sergeant also rushed for help. He returned with two other sergeants dimensions almost from vodka, but to fulfill his duty to them and failed. Vodka realized at last that he missed the door.

But the youthful prowess leaped into it with such force that he decided not to surrender alive. (He was just as staged spectacle of the war and was deeply imbued with images of the characters of the play). With a fierce roar of the director pushed the two sergeants huge forehead, over the threshold vypnul and barricaded himself in the reference section. Three sergeants went assault on their ancestral lands. Vodka beat them attack one after another. "Tra-ta-ta-ta-ta! – He shouted with such a boyish enthusiasm, aiming them at the window with his finger. – You're lying, do not take! ". Sergeants realized that it must be taken immediately, while hearing about their shame is not reached the ears of their bosses, and that there are forces swooped down on the door.

On the radio and they called for reinforcements. The door of the reference point, propped inside oak office desk, withstood the onslaught of units. In the course went tear gas.

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