September 3, 2014

In addition to become a benchmark in innovation, the Science and Technology alternative energy funds Park GeoLite has managed to become a broadcaster focus on the use electrical energy of clean energy, future energy an example of landscaping and a solar energy bastion of environmental protection. In sum, in a sustainable business model energy conservation that makes a energy efficiency unique challenge for the environment, so prominent solar power energy that has been recognized by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDEA), the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.
GeoLite has two reference infrastructure nuclear energy for sustainability: a central renewable energies air conditioning system that uses hydroelectric energy biomass as fuel alternative energy sources from the remains of the olive grove and a photovoltaic solar power facility that uses the parking deck of the central GeoLite.
Other environmental values of the Park energy resources are its prominent place in the alternative energy stocks landscape, through elements such as the recovery wind energy of sensitive areas and sustainable energy in particular the stream Cantaros Bankruptcy and livestock via Vereda de las Fuentes, the location of green areas and landscape features renewable energy sources in space vision from the outside, the reuse of treated water in gardens and green areas, control of the discharge of activities or constraints to energy management the introduction of renewables energy harmful activities.
Also, it is noteworthy renewable energy that the urban planning GeoLite ensure the creation biomass energy of a high quality internal environment, through the presence hydro energy of abundant green areas, low density of buildings, the promotion of pedestrian alternative energy routes, protection from noise Bailen-Granada the highway through energy renewable wind a barrier Sonic and the removal of architectural barriers to facilitate access for the disabled.
Finally, it is noteworthy that this renewable energy source slope is also present on sustainable criteria for the selection of tenants and the conditions for the building of its alternate energy buildings. Therefore, GeoLite is a site of great scenic and environmental harmony, and in which tenants in common are new energy not only innovative but vocation sensitivity towards the environment and the generation of clean energy.

Florence Morning News
SOEs use models Santee Cooper won initial approval in February of the energy State Department of Health and Environmental Control to build the Pee Dee Energy Campus, alternative energy companies a proposed 600-megawatt bio energy coal-fired power generation facility, which would be located on a 2,709-acre tract in Kingsburg
The Acton Beacon
Despite the gray afternoon, things on a particular method greenish tint on RJ Gray Junior High School, where dozens of residents gathered on May 17 to learn about the latest in renewable energy. View video clean electricity
Engineering News-Record
The House Energy and Commerce Committee on May 21 an ambitious energy and global warming bill by a green energy 33-25 vote , largely along energy sources party lines. The massive bill more than 930 solar energy information pagesis the result of weeks of hearings and negotiations in energy technology Parliament and is supported by a wide range of environmental groups, businesses and electric utilities and energy companies. But the final bills for his … A company that invests and develops new , green energy is and get competitive rates and reliable service for your electricity and natural gas.
Environment News Service
Orlando, Florida, May 24, 2009 (ENS) – Mostly dry and sunny, Orlando has seen rain and american wind energy association thunderstorms for the past six days, but the much-needed moisture not dampened the enthusiasm of alternative energies city and state officials for their huge new solar array on top alternative energy source of the Orange County Convention Center.

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