Supreme Federal Court

May 16, 2020

Jose Antonio Toffoli Days was born in the city of Marlia, 15 of November of 1967 and is a Brazilian lawyer. Currently it is Lawyer-Generality of the Union of Brasil.Em 1990, graduated itself Right for the University of So Paulo (USP), making later its specialization in Electoral law. He was professor of Constitucional law and Family law during ten years. Of 1995 up to 2000 parliamentary assessor of the Leadership of the Party of Trabalhadores worked in the House of representatives being (PT). As lawyer of the PT, it acted in the electoral campaigns of president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva in 1998, 2002 and 2006.Durante the management of Jose Dirceu, former-minister-Head of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic, exerted the position of assistant manager for Legal Subjects of the Civil House of 2003 the 2005. For this reason, then after the exit of Jose Dirceu, who left accused with practical corruption, in accordance with the operation deflagrada for the Federal Policy, that was known for mensalo, relieved for the minister Dilma Roussef for its linking it. Friday was indicated, day 19 of September for President Lula, to assume a vacant in Supremo Federal Court (STF), having its nomination been published in Federal official gazette, waiting the sabatina in the Federal Senate, foreseen to happen in next day 30 to September, what without a doubt none will have obstacles of the senators, even so it is being processed and to have been convicted in decision of lower court in the Amap, for having lawyer for the State, to be nominated Minister of the highest cut of country, in time, also to possibly participate of the next plenria session of Supreme Federal Federal that currently judges the order of extradition of the former-militant one of left Cesare Battisti, the requested one for the Italian government that considers it a terrorist, accusing to have it to have when he was gurrilheiro, to have assasinado four people. . .

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