Spanish System

March 8, 2016

a substantial breakfast with only 200 calories! appreciate the variety of flavours and recipes! put color to your new life! -Start your life with breakfast!You take care of your pets offering a balanced nutrition.It is time to take care of yourself.Herbalife offers appropriate nutrition programs: for women, men, children, the elderly and athletes; to support the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, to strengthen the body’s immune system, to support the development of the bones, and also to lose, maintain or gain weight-nutrition healthy a healthy lifestyle balanced nutrition is the basis for good health, look good and have a long life. Did you know: scientists estimate that 75% of the health problems are directly related to poor nutrition, a lifestyle unhealthy and overweight. According to the World Health Organization (who), the problems of weight in general are segmented, according to income level. A country more developed, older are their overweight problems; at a lower level of development, higher deficits food. epidemiological studies show that 55 per cent of the adult population is overweight and 22% is obese. in Spain, 14 of every 100 Spaniards are obese and 38.5% are overweight. Even more alarming is the phenomenon of childhood obesity: 13 of every 100 children and adolescents are obese and a 26.3% are overweight (data collected from the latest study of the Spanish society for the study of obesity (SEEDO) and the EnKid study) the inhabitants of the cities consume fewer fruits and vegetables, and eat more fast food-based fats and carbohydrates each day.

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