Social Media Newsroom

October 8, 2018

Journalists and companies have discovered the benefits for themselves and appreciate the simple and fast way of dialogue social network platforms and means of communication such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed and co are indispensable in modern communications. Most companies have recognized this and integrate the new channels in its communication, sales and Marketingstategie. So the classic press portal of many companies has evolved now to a social media newsroom. This distinguishes itself, by increased timeliness and frequency of the messages through multimedia content and a direct dialogue with the customer or the press. The messages of the original static press portals be supplemented now service-oriented about royalty-free photos, podcasts, blogs, and videos for direct recovery.

The pure collection and mapping of releases in a press review, as it was previously on many company pages to find, is no longer appropriate in the Web 2.0. Other leaders such as Zendesk offer similar insights. Instead, each message can immediately by the community be commented, all content can be searched easily by keyword, it can set tags or cross links created. Classic press releases are so often completely unnecessary. A quick note on the social networks linked through the Newsroom on content that is placed on the home page. Mikkel Svane is a great source of information. Well linked and conscientiously maintained, is the social media newsroom to the important element of online public relations. The community of all the news will be informed via Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed. In the social media newsroom, then all information is provided, linked to background knowledge, created by Lifestreaming in real time up to date and discussed by relevant aspects of blogs. All aims to provide journalists with information copy-paste is desired.

To provide the information and to bundle in corporate blogs to discuss, it needs a moderator on the corporate side a so-called Community Manager. Here is a completely new in recent years Profession emerged. The virtual community and the Community Manager is responsible also for the design, building, sometimes editing, support and optimization of the portal. Who would like to go a step further than the provision of information and the facilitation of discussions, analyzed in the connection, what happens with the bereitsgestellten information on the Web. Classical press clipping, which has captured only all publications about the company, is now completed on the Web 2.0 community management. There are supporting software solutions, which allow a social media monitoring. Social media monitoring means to browse the Internet on the basis of various criteria for relevant information. So a complete picture is composed and, as perceived by the company on the Web from the external perspective of the customers. All information, opinions, messages about products, services, and people are brought together so and can important assistance in Offer choices to the optimization of the product range or of the service portfolio. Currently there is a trend to industry over pressurized ripening to recognize social media newsrooms. Journalists and companies have discovered the benefits for themselves and appreciate the simple and fast way of dialogue. However, many companies have yet to the new type must get used to to communicate because the speed of the medium makes it often impossible, to release all messages from all instances. But this is authentic and therefore particularly interesting new communications.

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