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January 20, 2017

Ram, (Ramdom Memory Access). This type of memory recovers data stored in any point of the machine it puts and them at the disposal of the processor so that it conducts the necessary operations. Bond, I am going to put an example. It imagines that the computer is a kitchen, the processor is the cook, the hard disk is the refrigerator and the ram is an assistant/kitchen kitchen boy. Ali Partovi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The cook needs products to cook (data coming from the hard disk), but cannot be going and coming continuously to the refrigerator so it orders to the assistant whom is going to look for them and it maintains that them always by hand to make the prescription. This way the cook only must extend the hand to reach the oil, eggs, etc. and the food is prepared quickly.

To have little ram is like having an idle assistant. In the end the cook will finish going to the refrigerator he himself and the prescription will become eternal. (In fact the computer does not work exactly thus because the processor/cook cannot go to the refrigerator but is the refrigerator the one that goes very slowly to the processor, you imagine to a refrigerator walking, slow, very slow ) If you use the computer to make ensaladitas mixed, with a little lettuce and tomato (to watch the mail, to use Office) probably you do not need an extension. If you want to make a stew with its choricito, its bacon, its blood sausage, etc. (that is Photoshop, games in 3D, edition of video) will be better than you consider a visit to the entrails of your computer. In order to extend the capacity it is necessary to know how how much power supports our computer and the type of compatible memory. In the page there is a small form in which we must introduce the model of our computer and it will give all the necessary data us. In an American site and it is in English, but it is very clearly.

The form is to the right and Crucial Memory Advisory is called tool (In Step 1 it is necessary to select the mark, in 2 Step range and 3 Step the model). After clicking we will find the following data: Manufacturer Specificactions Chipset: Intel GS45 Drive Form Factor: 1.8″ Maximum Memory: 8192MB Slots: 2 (2 banks of 1) Standard Memory: 2048 or 4096MB removable USB Support: 2.x compatible CompliantWere now showing 3 of 6 upgrades and gives a list of the types of compatible memory with the system here. Beam click on the options, apntate the data and cmprate the piece where it seems to you. The store of the corner, Internet, etc Later comes the installation, that is simpler than it can seem. It is not worth the pain to explain how one becomes because there is a pile of videos in Youtube does that it clearly. It is already known, an image is worth more than thousand words P.S.: There are other ways to find out what ram is compatible but they imply to unload and to install programs and if it is possible to be avoided then better.

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