SIP Nortel

June 24, 2013

Nortel also presents the next version of software, (I) CVM 14 of the CS 2000, which will unleash a powerful set of advanced SIP applications that unify communications experience for subscribers. These new SIP applications increase the competitive advantage of the providers of services allowing subscribers to communicate and collaborate with ease, flexibility and efficiency. Nortel CVAS solutions providers worldwide have leaders in the sector and these recent developments are a sample of our continuous investment to equip providers with the means to increase the effectiveness of the networks, the revenue potential and the loyalty of subscribers, said Samih Elhage, President of Nortel CVAS. Nortel CVAS maintains a leadership position in the world market of VOIP and softswitch for operators and we are making a huge leap thanks to advances in hardware and software of CS 2000 released today. These advances mark our commitment to service providers offer greater capacity, scalability and network power to offer advanced SIP applications to subscribers. New advances in hardware and software CS 2000 important points are: CS 2000a, based on the technology of AdvancedTCA open standards of category of operator (carrier grade) of Nortel, helps service providers address the OPEX challenges of today by providing capabilities exceeding 5 million BHCA calls, up to 70 percent of reduction in area occupied and with a cost of service reduced.

You can add additional capacity by simply enabling licenses (RTU s) additional software or through the addition of pairs of cards within the ATCA platform that helps to eliminate the need for costly upgrades of infrastructure in the central office. CS 2000a also allows service providers to perform updates and remote patches integrated across the platform and its applications reduce the costly expenses of operation. The highest degree of hardware integration reduces the amount of cabling and installation in plant effort and decreases implementation time up in six weeks.

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