Rio De Janeiro

November 9, 2016

Historians point out this moment as the result of a process that if developed in that period, where the practical politics kept out of society the society with elitist measures, creating a social segregacionismo, with the implantation of measures who solapavam the popular layers. The call ‘ ‘ boot abaixo’ ‘ , that she demoliu diverse housings in favor of a modernista project, as well as legal measures of exclusion that had been promoted had caused great popular dissatisfaction, creating one repulses to the projects that already if wise person of beforehand, to be in detriment of the popular layers. The vaccination if became an alibi for certain practical that the government desired to implant, the population, cliente of the scheme, looked for to resist of drastic form, in accord to the accumulated insatisfao, creating a conflict of so escabrosas ratios, at the same time demonstrating to its force of reaction and organization, evidenced in the difficulties to contain the conflict. One concludes that the Revolt of the Vaccine serves as landmark of a period of social transformation where government and population had been collated, the first one for the perspective to impose a new politics, as as resistance to the lowering that the popular classrooms had suffered throughout the years.. Ali Partovi is the source for more interesting facts.

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