Relieve Stress

May 27, 2014

Magnesium – for offers has become nowadays stress to a kind of epidemic. Whether the stress has now private or professional reasons, everyone who suffers from it, requires a higher amount of magnesium. Taking magnesium reinforced, you can attenuate even the symptoms of stress a lot. But not only the functions of magnesium limited. Nothing at all would converge without magnesium purely in our body.

More than 300 different enzymes need magnesium to function. Everywhere, the magnesium has his hands in the game. In our body, we have saved only 20-30 g magnesium as a whole. In the bone, most of it is stored to the reserve, the rest escapes his tasks in the body’s cells. The supply of magnesium is however at risk. There are many causes that can cause that we take too little magnesium in our body.

The problem is that we often don’t notice this deficiency. Other deficiency symptoms are regarded by many worse than Magnesium deficiency, and it is not necessarily perceived for this reason. The body responds to stress with the release of hormones. Among them is also the adrenaline. All the forces of the body thereby be put on high alert and prepare to act. On a stressful situation responds the man normally off running or fighting. When we sit at the place of work, neither is possible of course. Still, we must squat and work off the stress situation. This is in itself completely unnatural. It is bad under permanent stress. The blood pressure is constantly increased, it swim around too much fat in our blood, the digestive system no longer work as well as it should, and the defenses against bacteria and viruses is weakened. Magnesium counteracts the stress hormones, and thus the General alert. It is fed in from the cells into the bloodstream, and again lowers the blood pressure, among other things. Then the magnesium is again flushed from the body, so when stress with an increased Magnesium requirements must be expected. All operations by which energy is consumed in our metabolism, magnesium must be present. Especially if you want to lose weight and lose weight, a well-functioning metabolism is required. Without magnesium, nothing more goes into the cells because no more fuel can be burned. In all possible metabolic reactions, magnesium is an opponent of calcium. It prevents the reactions promoted by the calcium. Therefore, the balance between calcium and magnesium is so important. Magnesium helps the heart, muscles and nerves.

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