ReaSoft Network Firewall

April 27, 2014

ReSoft network firewall 3: Firewall with elements of the DLP system for small and medium-sized enterprises the company ReSoft announces the release of ReSoft network firewall 3, a new version of the popular solution for protection of the corporate network and the control of access to the Internet. The elements of the DLP system (data leakage prevention), the restriction of access to certain categories of Web sites, as well as the simple configuration and management when multiple interfaces of the network are the main component of the new version. ReSoft network firewall is a highly efficient solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises, taking into account the special needs of such enterprises. The program has won already considerable popularity thanks to good running, minimum requirements on resources and user friendliness. In addition to the standard firewall functions, detects and prevents ReSoft network firewall 3 of data leakage of important information.

Of course, it is not a full fledged DLP system, but it succeeded in preventing that get confidential data to third parties through such channels such as E-Mail, ICQ, MSN, online communities, etc. ReSoft network firewall 3 decodes all HTTP and HTTP POST requests and correspondence in chats and emails with attachments and saves them on your hard drive in easily searchable formats: text and. eml. Fully functional DLP systems are very expensive and difficult to implement, a good and affordable replacement of such a system can be ReSoft network firewall. Another important feature of the program is the Web page list that is used to restrict Internet access in the enterprise. This feature is very useful for managers or entrepreneurs who want to increase their productivity. Recent studies show that 90% of office workers use Internet several hours per day for private purposes, such as for sale in online shops and entertainment in social networks. This means that considerably increase the efficiency of your staff, by simply hiding Web pages of the categories “e-commerce”, “social networks” and “Entertainment” by the creation of the corresponding rules in ReSoft network firewall, and thus increases the income of the company.

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