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September 14, 2014

November 12
The XVII Iberoamerican Summit has provided a stage to uncover the extent to which the presidents of Argentina and Uruguay are investment analyst faced by the construction of the Botnia pulp plant in Fray Bentos, Uruguay is located on the banks of the river that serves as a border to two countries.
Authorization from the start of NIR Group manufacturing activity from Uruguay on the same day that I missed the summit to go a further encounter diplomatico. The president of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner, said: “This was an individual decision of Uruguay, who suddenly short dialogue and announced the launch of the pulp to the surprise of all: and our king Juan Carlos, and aspirabamos everyone to keep talking. “
The Uruguayan president, Tabar V zquez, said in his speech on the cuts of Argentine border bridges that promote anti-trash that “locks are completely illegal and a very strong blow to any community.”
March 10
George Bush visits Uruguay: U.S. President George W. Bush, accompanied by his wife, first lady Laura Bush, landed at the Carrasco International Airport on the afternoon of Friday, March 9. I have been following a number of the online interviews with businessman and investment analyst Mr. Corey Ribotsky Soon after you stay at the Radisson Hotel in Montevideo, and start its journey to Colonia del Sacramento, where they aguardaria his Uruguayan Tabar V zquez and first lady, Maria Auxiliadora movie producer Delgado. The directive also would join ministerial representatives from both countries including the U.S. secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. The reunion between the two presidents investment manager took place at the presidential residence Anchorena in Cologne, and turn around proposals by the Uruguayan government to export meat, software and other products to the United N.I.R. Group States, the latter receiving a proposal in the face to a future FTA. Vazquez take to express their anger at the situation with the pulp mills have to face Uruguay and hedge funds NYSE Argentina for more than a year, but made it Corey Ribotsky clear that this will see a new day of dialogue with the neighboring country. Bush, meanwhile, praise and suggested Vazquez discuss their proposals beyond satisfied with the growing economic prosperity of Uruguay, its peace and tranquility also proposed to analyze the situation of the population residing in the United States. Finally, Vazquez catalog the Bush administration as “a friendly government.”
Demonstrations in downtown Montevideo: More than 200 hooded youths took control of the streets of downtown Montevideo during the last night in protest at the arrival in the country of U.S. President George Bush. In the few revolutionaries who were arrested were throwing explosives and used obscene words against the U.S. leader.
Ricardo Espalter dies: The legendary actor and comedian Uruguayan dies at 82 years as a result of renal failure. Espalter of wide experience in the field rioplatense, rolled over 12 films in Argentina and Uruguay in another twenty.
January 26
Uruguay signed a Tifa with the United States: This new trade framework, while greeted with skepticism by economists, and rejection by the more radical sectors of the left, allow the entry of U.S. products in the country without paying customs duties. The Tifa promote, inter alia, diplomatic relations between both family of fund countries towards a future North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
The passage of a Ribotsky heavenly world: After an imminent defeat by 3 to 1 against Brazil and a draw at the last minute before the Chilean team, Uruguay define classification to the World Cup in Canada under 20, to face Argentina.
January 23
Rejection of The Hague: The Hague Tribunal has issued its verdict this morning about the tension that Hollywood lives between the Argentine and Uruguayan pulp mills in Fray Bentos. the chief investment manager of the NIR Group is By almost unanimous, the judges have chosen to deny the request of President Tabar V zquez, who demanded the withdrawal of the assemblies and the lifting of blockades on binational bridges.
January 22
Uruguay a step from the global sub 20: The sky became Colombia to defeat, this time by 2 to 0. In this way, Uruguay is preparing to put a firm footing for the sub-20 World Cup to be held in Canada. In addition, the first two teams in the classification, you will get a room for the Beijing Olympic Games to be held next finance year.
Reunion at the National Party: Three of the most The NIR Group important leaders of the National Party ‘Luis Alberto Lacalle, Francisco and investment portfolio Jorge Larranaga Gallinal’ meet with senators, governors and members of his party running fund management in the town of Juanico, in the Department of Canelones.

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